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Are Kipper Cards the Best Deck of Fortune Telling Cards?

Are Kipper Cards the Best Deck of Fortune Telling Cards?

Most tarot card readings leave a lot to interpretation. Kipper cards make it easy.

Each card in the Kipper deck shows an everyday situation we all experience. Marriage. Work. Journey. Illness.

Kipper cards are often considered the best deck of fortune-telling cards. They're ideal for forecasting and predictions, especially about timing. For example, the Expectation card usually means something will happen in three months.

What are Kipper Cards?

Kipper Cards, or Kippekarten, were created by a German fortune-teller around 1890 as an alternative to the Lenormand deck.

There are typically 36 cards in a Kipper deck and, unlike other fortune-telling cards, each is quite literal. 

How to Read Kipper Cards

In a Kipper card reading, there are two main character cards that represent you and, if desired, someone in your life. The meanings of the rest of the cards are straightforward. 

The traditional Kipper deck includes a male and female main character. Other cards feature life experiences and situations.


Whether it's a good sign or a bad sign depends on that card's position in relation to the main character and what other cards are around. Cards that fall ahead or above the main character are usually positive while cards behind or below the main character tend to be negative.

Here are some Kipper tarot card meanings:

Marriage | Positive cards and a good position mean a connection. Otherwise, a separation. 

Letter | Depending on position, it could mean good news or gossip and worry.

Journey | A life journey or literal travel. In a bad position, expect obstacles and inconveniences.

House | Abundance, stability, and a sense of belonging. 

Prison | Restraint. Secrets. Potentially foretells an accident.  

Every Kipper card has the potential to be positive or negative depending on where it lands in the spread.


Treat Yourself to a Kipper Card Reading

In the most difficult and confusing situations, trust the Kipper cards. Just one card of the deck will help you find the right way forward.

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