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Kipperkarten, or Kipper cards, are a 36-card oracle system originating in Germany, made exclusively for divination. They’re quite similar to Lenormand cards, but with a few twists and a fresh outlook.

Kipper tarot cards have a unique look, feel and interpretation. Within them is a rich ancient history of people and situations. It makes the Kipper deck an excellent choice for anyone seeking love and relationship advice.

Kipper card reading is also a powerful tool in the search for insight into financial matters and questions about timing and doubt. Kippers cards are unique.

Professional card readers recommend studying and practising the Lenormand spread methods before taking on the Kipper deck, especially the card combinations and aspects of the proximity reading. Because these two unique decks have their own systems, they cannot be read using modern Tarot techniques that other decks are designed for. The Kipper deck places much emphasis on the direction in which a card is facing and its place in relation to the significator card.

The Kipper cards are a very visually interesting and colorful deck that beautifully articulates the fashions and social customs at play in Germany, Austria, and Bavaria during the 1880’s. The rich tradition and history found in this very unique fortune telling tool is one that resonates deeply with a professional Kipper card reader. 
A Kipperkarten reading will always be a powerful and inspiring exploration of relationships, healing the inner self.

While gifted tarot readers believe that they can forecast the direction in which your future is heading, they don’t believe the future is set in stone. Predictions give you information so that you can make more informed decisions, whether it means to keep going in the same direction or start shifting toward a new horizon. A reading should never take the power you possess to shape the future as you dream it.

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