Kipper Cards 103 Advisors

The exact origins of the Kipper cards remain a mystery, and cartomancy experts even wonder if a woman named Kipper really had anything to do with their creation. However, the pictorial clues in the cards (military uniform and architecture) lead experts to believe that they were created in the mid-1800s in Bavaria.

There are 36 Kipper cards, and while similar in some ways to the Lenormand deck, there is no playing card insert in the Kippers. The themes in this deck focus much more on a quiet, comfortable, private life versus the active and engaged social context found in the Lenormand themes. There are no religious symbols in the Kipper deck, there are nine people cards, and a card will often have multiple symbols and characters.

Kippers Cards are Unique

Professional card readers recommend studying and practicing the Lenormand spread methods before taking on the Kipper deck, especially the card combining and proximity reading aspects of a throw. Because these two unique decks have their own systems, they cannot be read using modern Tarot techniques that other decks are designed for. The Kipper deck places much emphasis on the direction in which a card is facing and its place in relation to the significator card.

The Kipper cards constitute a very visually interesting and colorful deck that beautifully articulates the fashions and social customs in play during that period in Germany, Austria, and Bavaria. A professional Kipper card reader will be someone who resonates with the rich tradition and history found in this very unique fortune telling tool.