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7 Lucky Symbols to Look Out For

7 Lucky Symbols to Look Out For

At one time or another, we’ve all looked for signs from the universe—a message from some greater power that tellsus we’re on the right path or a warning of something to avoid. Many believe the things in our environment can be to used to deliver us messages from the spirit world, guardian angels or a higher power.

Signs and symbols are all around us, the objects we use in our homes and at work, the things we see in nature, and everywhere else we go. Whatever you believe, there are certain things in our world that coincide with good luck and positivity. Be on the lookout for these seven lucky omens:


This beloved Irish symbol is said to represent faith, hope, love, and luck. Ancient Celts believed a four-leaf clover gave them the ability to see fairies and, therefore, avoid their mischief.


It’s also considered lucky just because it’s so very rare. Chances of finding a four-leaf clover are one in 10,000—but that doesn’t mean you should ever stop looking!


There are two popular legends that account for the horseshoe being lucky. According to one, St. Dunstan, the patron saint of blacksmiths, was ordered to make a shoe for the devil’s horse. St. Dunstan nailed the horseshoe to the devil’s hoof instead. In exchange for his freedom, the devil agreed to avoid any home with a horseshoe on the door.


The other legend says elves, fairies, goblins and leprechauns were afraid or unable to touch iron. Villagers would hang iron horseshoes over their front doors to ward off these mischievous creatures.


The ladybug symbolizes luck among many cultures. These little red and black insects are said to foretell good weather, love, and financial success. One European legend says that farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary after their crops were destroyed by aphids. The ladybugs soon appeared to eat the aphids. The farmer’s called the lucky bugs ‘Our Lady’s beetles’, which later became ‘ladybugs’.

If a ladybug lands on you and you let it stay, expect good luck. If you can count the number of spots on its back, that’s how many months the good fortune will stick around. Be sure to never kill a ladybug or bad luck is on the way!


Not all lucky symbols are pleasant. While no one likes bird droppings to land on them, it’s considered to be a sign of good fortune sent right from the heavens. Bird droppings landing on you, your home or your car suggests you’re coming into some money and the more birds that do their business, the more riches ahead.


Another less desirable lucky symbol is the bat. While a lot of us shudder at the thought of a bat in our attic, a nest in your home is a sign of good luck. In Chinese culture, bats represent wealth so a nest of bats foretells of a financial windfall. They believe bats can sense places that attract good fortune and choose to nest in areas they feel positivity, happiness and good health.


“If you see a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck!”

The old adage is a belief held around the world but coins represent luck in a lot of different ways. The ancient Greeks believed tossing a coin into a well appeased the gods and kept the water from running dry. Superstition suggests putting the first coin you receive each day in an empty pocket, which attracts more wealth. And a coin kept in a new coat, purse or wallet brings good fortune.

The common thread suggests that finding money leads to more money, so keep your eyes out for coins in your path.


If you’re looking to add some positivity and luck to your life—and you’re prepared to care for a new pet—consider a goldfish. It’s said that eight goldfish kept with one back fish wards off bad luck. Goldfish can also bring harmony to a relationship and influence positive energy in a home.

Whether you’re superstitious or just in need of a little extra luck, be on the lookout for the good omens around you. There are so many symbols of good things in our lives but sometimes they’re hard to spot. Open yourself up to positivity and fortune and you’ll start seeing lucky symbols like these everywhere you go!