I was born in Scotland and my spiritual work has evolved over the years into working with those that have had a separation from a Karmic Soulmate relationship where the age gap between both individuals is at least ten years. The Karmic Soulmate relationship has a higher vibrational energy and outside the realm of emotions and it needs spiritual guidance and mentorship to allow the couple to avoid common misconceptions and misunderstandings so that they can be a long term couple for the rest of their lives. Let me help you reconcile with your Karmic Soulmate. You both don't have to be alone in this life. Let me help you both be together as the couple you were destined to be.


My spiritual work started from attending local psychic development classes and courses, where my specialism has developed to bringing Karmic Soulmate relationships together as a couple. The other area that I enjoy working with is the corporate business industry, providing spiritual advice to small business owners, CEOs and company directors on emerging markets and the future of work and technology. For those with a new business idea this type of reading is beneficial for them.



Thank you so much Alexander




Awful liar. Said my bf and I would leave our businesses and move to Australia. Waste of money. Do not recommend.



AMAZING!!!! I highly recommend Alexander. He is worth it. A true Psychic
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