Let my psychic abilities shock and amaze you. In addition to my natural psychic abilities I use tarot cards, the crystal ball and my pedulum in my readings for you. I am also a master spell caster and my spells for luck in love of all kinds are known to be the best. I receive information directly from Spirit and not only will you get an accurate and honest reading but I will also receive a special set of instructions for you on what exactely to do to enhance, solve, heal or bring about your situation. I specialize in love, finance as well as general readings. I use my pendulum for Yes/ No answers. The crystal balls shows me additional information about your future. I also specialize in Past life readings. My reading style is direct and honest but always with compassion. Some additional skills I have are channeling, crystal reading, crystal energy grids, dream interpretation, remote healing, energy clearings, psychic clairvoyant readings and clairsentient as well as remote viewing.I can make connections with departed loved ones. Just ask me for which services you need and I can accomodate you. I am a natural psychic since the age of seven years old , it's my life's path to be of divine service to you. All my readings are strictly confidential and without judgement. Spirit has a special message for you, don't wait any longer and connect with me today!


A little bit about me. I have been a Natural Psychic and Clairvoyant since the age of 7 and started Professionally Reading the Tarot Cards when I was 19 Years old and have since then Read for Hundreds of people all over the World and from all Walks of Life. I also have an office as an Energy Worker, Herbalist and Psychic Reader in the heart of Mexico City. I give readings both in person and online. I have been a Crystal ball readers for the last 10 years and also work with Crystals and Crystal Grids as an Energy Worker and Healer. I see this job as my divine calling. I am also a specialist in Past Life Readings for which I use my Crystal Ball. At the age of 11 years old I shocked my Mother by giving accurate information about Family Relatives and Friends, I did this Naturally, to me this was something I did automatically. At this age I also started to create flower waters and work with good luck blessings. This created a life long interest in flowers and herbs which I have developed and perfected over time. I personally believe that this knowledge I displayed as a child is carried over from past lives. Therefor I have also specialized myself in Past Life Readings

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