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What to expect with Mercury in retrograde

What to expect with Mercury in retrograde

In Roman mythology, Mercury is a bit of a contrary deity, god of merchants and thieves alike. Both Mercury and the planet that bears his name rule communication, business and travel, but also trickery and luck. So, when the planet Mercury enters retrograde — an astrological resting period — miscommunications and mistakes abound. Messages get mixed. Technology glitches out. Travel plans hit a bump in the road.

Three to four times a year, the Earth’s orbit creates an illusion in the night sky that makes Mercury appear to move in reverse. Many believe that while Mercury is in retrograde, it ceases to rule those certain areas of life and things go topsy-turvy. 

Mercury’s retrograde effects are far-reaching as the planet rules so many important things. Expect miscommunication at work and at home. Be extra careful with any messages you send out, whether it’s through text, email or in person. You’re more likely to be misunderstood during this time. Avoid launching any communication-related endeavours, like a website, magazine or ad campaign. Communication challenges are also possible between you and your loved ones. Keep an open mind, be clear with others and do your best to avoid misunderstandings. 

Mercury rules commerce, so avoid big purchases during retrograde, especially if buying a home. In fact, it’s best to avoid making any big decisions while the planet sleeps. Don’t sign any contracts or other important documents unless absolutely necessary — in that case, make sure you read all the fine print. Be prepared for problems with technology and machinery. Computers, appliances, electronic devices, and automobiles are especially vulnerable. Don’t buy any new electronics and take extra good care of the ones you own. Human error is at an all-time high so skip elective surgeries during this time. 

Travelling while Mercury is in retrograde is also a risk. Avoid travelling for business since both business and travel fall under Mercury’s rule. If you’re travelling for fun, just take extra precautions as delays and mix-ups are a real possibility. Double check your reservations and give yourself extra time to get where you need to go. 

When Mercury is in retrograde, life can be chaotic, but it’s not all bad. This event brings the opportunity to slow down and move with careful purpose. The universe wants us to press pause. It is the time to reflect, re-evaluate and redo. Review what’s going on in your life, reassess what you want and decide where you should redirect your energies.  

If Mercury in retrograde is wreaking havoc on your life and you’re not sure how to reign it in, a spiritual advisor can help you deal with these planetary effects. Reach out to an expert psychic or astrology on Zodiac Psychics or the Zodiac Touch app to find out what Mercury in retrograde means for you.