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Vibrate in Harmony With the Law of Attraction With Support From a Spiritual Advisor

Vibrate in Harmony With the Law of Attraction With Support From a Spiritual Advisor

Sometimes we get so caught up and tangled in our personal microcosms, we forget how vast and unlimited the macrocosm is. Our dramas, anxieties, and sorrows press in on us, and all we see is a tiny, dark sliver of a life. These are the times when we most benefit from the clear and finely tuned skills of a professional psychic reader. An experienced and compassionate spiritual advisor shines the light of wisdom into the darkness to guide us forward on our life's path.

Remember the iconic Blue Marble photograph taken of our Earth in 1972 by the Apollo 17 crew? As the astronauts hurled toward the Moon, they looked back at our tiny, swirling, gorgeous home planet in awe and shared the view from their spacecraft with the world. After walking on the Moon in 1971, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell was profoundly moved and overcome while journeying back to Earth. Mitchell was flooded by the absolute knowing that the blue marble to which he was returning is an integral part of a dynamic, thriving system that is alive, whole, and harmonious -- a benevolent universe filled with consciousness.

When you walk on the beach and collect beautiful shells and weathered rocks to take home for your altar, do you ever wonder how old these treasures are? Do you imagine the possibility that among the trillions of grains of sand under your feet lie some that are as old as 5,000 years? Those grains of sand eroded from rocks that populated a world in which humankind had no technology. All answers were derived not from Google or Ask.com, but from the natural world that surrounded humans, and their own inborn instincts.

Until very recently in our human evolution, our species was far more connected to the planet and all of her vast resources. Our survival depended upon our ability to listen to nature and decode her answers using our innate intuitive abilities. Hunters used intuition to feed their tribes, and shaman used their inner knowing and spiritual connections to heal their communities. Our ancestors were born into a world where the connection with the unseen and powerful world of spirit was unbroken and relied upon in everyday life to meet all of their needs.

Material Quantity Over Spiritual Quality

Today we are born into a world that values materialism far more than spiritualism. Some of the highest praise that can be bestowed upon a person in our culture is that she is “a hard worker,” or, “He has a strong work ethic.” Isn’t it interesting that “ethics” are now associated with hard effort at making money? That in our lifetime, to be a “self-made, wealthy man” catapults a person into a position of great esteem and near-worship?

In this civilization, things that are not observable with the human eye are discounted and often ridiculed. Children are very rarely told at home or in school that their capacity is unlimited, and that only they determine and define their own success in life. It’s as if our entire species has collectively gone to sleep and forgotten the universal laws that were once common knowledge on this planet. These principles empower us to be conscious co-creators with our own Souls and the benevolent Universe in order to self-actualize and awaken to our highest fulfillment and spiritual potential that a single lifetime can offer. 

The Immutable Law

One of the most important and potent universal laws, as constant and ancient as the law of gravity, is the law of attraction. Successful people know all about this law, and they use it constantly, effortlessly, and excitedly to fulfill their desires. They don’t work harder. They work smarter. In cooperation with, and with deep respect for, this law, they build great wealth, find lasting love, and perform selfless deeds on behalf of humanity.

The foundation upon which the law of attraction rests is resonant vibrations. You draw experiences into your life that are of similar vibration to those you carry and extend. The law of attraction has no choice but to mirror back to you exactly what you are putting out, and it does this even when you are 100 percent unaware that this law is operating.

Many people first learn about the law of attraction and come at it from a mentalized and forceful stance. They try to control and corral their thoughts with repeated affirmations or other Band-Aid-type techniques. But the real magic and power happen when you realize that your emotions are the key to the deliberate creation of the life you deeply desire. Your emotions determine your vibrational frequency; so keeping your emotions high, light, and positively excited is the gas that presses the pedal of the law of attraction.

Acting and Feeling "As If"

When you’re working with the law of attraction to manifest your heart’s desire, employ every method that you can think of to reach and maintain an excited and expectant place of grateful allowing. Visualize how it will be when you have this desire manifest in your life. Make lists of every benefit it brings to you, and every benefit that you will be able to share with others as a result of your good fortune. Keep the energy flowing both in and out. Gratitude, joy, and generosity are three of the most powerful manifestation magnets on the high end of the vibrational scale of emotions.  

You are undeniable energy in motion. Quantum physics proves to us that everything in the Universe is energy, and everything emits a specific vibrational frequency. You witness this when you step into a room where anger has been expressed, or resentments are going unexpressed. Envy, anger, guilt, judgment, and frustration are on the low end of the vibrational frequency scale. Because the Universe always brings “like to like,” these emotions keep us stuck and cycling around in old, ineffective patterns.

Remember Your Sacred Mission

To set and maintain the optimal emotional tone for cooperating with the law of attraction, keep your vibration and energy levels as high as possible in the ways that are most effective for you. It’s critical to monitor your self-talk, and even if it’s challenging on some days, open up to the magnificent glimpse of Who you really are and where you come from.

As you become progressively more able to hang out on the higher end of the mood and emotion scale, the Universe has no choice but to match your frequency by drawing in resonant external circumstances and experiences. Our ancient ancestors knew this, and deep inside, behind all of modern civilization’s veils -- we know this too. The energy that moves through us and swirls around us today is the same energy from which our Universe was birthed. Just like those grains of beach sand, we are golden stardust, made from billion-year-old carbon.

If you ask, you will receive. When you seek, you are destined to find. What you sow, you eventually reap. You might call this deliciously simple yet profound principle “synchronicity,” or maybe you call it “magic.” We call it Universal Law!

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