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Skat Cards - Card Game or Cartomancy?

Skat Cards - Card Game or Cartomancy?

Once upon a time, fortune-telling was forbidden. 

You wouldn't dare practice your esoteric interests in public for fear of persecution. People had to get creative so they figured out how to read Tarot with playing cards! One of the oldest decks of playing cards used for fortune-telling, or cartomancy, was Skat cards.

What are Skat Cards?

A favorite in Germany, the Skat card game is based on the same game that Tarot cards were originally used for. Like Tarot, Skat started as a game then evolved into a deck of fortune-telling cards, but are both games are still played today.

In a time when Tarot readers had to be secretive about their work, the traditional illustrated deck was too identifiable. Skat cards are a lot simple and prove fortune-telling on playing cards is just as interesting and very effective.

Skat cards, often called “Gypsy cards,” use just 32 playing cards from a regular deck of cards so expect to see the familiar Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs.

How to use Skat Cards for Fortune-Telling

As a divination method, Skat cards are suitable for questions about love, career, and the future. You can ask anything and get a very specific and comprehensive answer.

Although there are no pictures and no hidden symbolism, Skat cards still hold a lot of meaning. A professional Skat card reader needs only 32 playing cards deck to begin divining your future.

What do the Skat Cards Mean?

Here are some popular Skat cards and their definitions:


Four Jacks Relationship Ritual

Need help following your heart? This simple card reading will help you choose the right match and find out how they feel about you.

🃏 Get a regular deck of playing cards and remove the four Jacks from the deck.

🃏 Get four scraps of paper and write the name of a person you're interested in on each. Lay the names out in front of you.

🃏 Shuffle the Jacks and lay them out in random order in front of each piece of paper with a name on it. 

🃏 The Jack next to each name predicts what you can expect in your future relationship with this person and whether a romantic relationship is, literally, in the cards.

Jack of Diamonds | a friendly relationship full of trust and warmth without romantic overtones

Jack of Hearts | a crush with the purest of intentions, fills you with a light feeling

Jack of Spades | a destructive relationship, doomed to fail

Jack of Clubs | material interests take priority over spiritual interests in this union

Skat card readings are straightforward and unfussy. If you've never tried this traditional cartomancy method to foretell your future, treat yourself to a Skat card reading.