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The Skat cards, often called “Gypsy cards,” are a German method of fortune-telling, or cartomancy, that uses just 32 playing cards from a regular deck of cards. The deck uses number cards from 7 up, face cards and the aces. The non-fortune-telling game of Skat originated in Germany in the early 1800s, involved betting and was commonly played among men.

People have been playing card games for thousands of years. Over time, the symbols on the cards took on spiritual meanings and became part of certain occult activities. It is said that the use of playing cards for fortune-telling was first introduced by European gypsies. They formed a gypsy tarot. Since then, skat cards have become common in divination, with many readers and followers.

The sparse information found about using Skat as a form of divination is usually passed down from grandmothers and great aunts from Russia, Poland, Germany or Hungary, who learned to tell fortunes with playing cards from their own mothers. While the men placed their bets and played games, the women would use the very same cards in hopes of diving the gender of their soon-to-be-born baby or the fate of their no-good son-in-law.

The spreads and interpretations of the gypsy tarot will vary depending on each gypsy fortune teller and how they were trained in the oracular art of Skat card reading. A Skat card reader is undoubtedly a person who comes from a long, strong line of ancestral intuitives and seers, or someone very in tune with occult divination practices from Eastern Europe in past centuries.

Skat readings focus on the known and unknown factors and forces that influence the situation in question. They examine those involved, their emotions and hidden motives.

If you haven’t tried this old traditional way to foretell your future, treat yourself to a Skat card reading.

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