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Who Was I in My Past Life?

5 signs you’ve lived a past life

Reincarnation is all around us. We see it in the cycle of the seasons as nature flourishes in the summer only to die in the winter and be reborn in the spring. There are many who believe that people follow the same cycle of death and rebirth. We are never truly gone but are reincarnated in another form and given another life. Each of these lives leaves an imprint upon our soul, which is sometimes revealed to us, often in mysterious and inexplicable ways.  

Have you ever had a strange experience, like an out-of-place memory, an unexplained phobia, or a recurring dream? These can often be signs of a past life. Here are five experiences that may indicate that your soul isn’t brand new to this universe:

1. Dreams & Nightmares

Do you have recurring, vivid dreams or nightmares? Do you dream of places you’ve never been but find yourself feeling oddly comfortable and familiar with the surroundings? Perhaps you dream of a person you’ve never met but you feel like you know so well. While we’re sleeping, our brains are trying to process a lot of information, like recent events, memories, stress or trauma, and these things can be reflected in our dreams. Past life experiences can also be buried among all that information and revealed to us while we sleep.

2. Inexplicable Memories

Do you recall an event from your childhood but no one else in your family remembers it? Are there things you remember that seem out-of-place in your history? These odd, unexplained memories are often reported by children. There have been cases of young children telling their parents about detailed experiences, events or places that they couldn’t possibly know so much about. If there’s a memory in your mind that doesn’t make sense, it could suggest a past life experience. 

3. Déjà vu

Who hasn’t had déjà vu? We’ve all felt that weird sensation that what we’re experiencing has already happened to us. Sometimes déjà vu can be the recollection of a certain sense, other times it has no explanation. You visit a location you’ve never been before and it feels like you’re retracing your steps. This past recognition could suggest that you have been there, just not in this lifetime.

4. Fears & Phobias

Just as past lives can seep into dreams and memories, they can also influence our current fears and phobias. Many people find themselves afraid of something for no reason. You’ve never had a bad experience in the water but swimming fills you with dread. You’re an animal lover but a certain breed of dog terrifies you. When a fear or phobia has no reasonable explanation, it may be rooted in a past life. 

5. Passions & Interests

Sometimes the influence of our past lives can be a positive thing. Instead of an irrational fear, it can be a talent, passion or interest. Perhaps you were a skilled artist from a very young age. Maybe your life revolves around music. Even if you follow another path, you always find yourself drawn back to this passion or creative pursuit. Another way this can manifest is an unexplainable interest in a certain time period or culture — a seemingly random obsession with a past era or another society. 

If you suspect you’ve lived a past life and want to gain insight into your soul’s experience, connect with a spiritual advisor who can help you unlock these mysteries, like one of Zodiac Psychic’s talented karma and past life experts.