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5 rules for surviving a long-distance relationship

5 rules for surviving a long-distance relationship

Any serious relationship can be hard work. Add in some significant physical distance and things certainly don’t get easier. No matter what’s got the two of you separated, maintaining an intimate relationship over a long distance comes with its own unique set of challenges. While the arrangement might suit some personalities perfectly, the lack of physical closeness isn’t sustainable for most people over a long period of time. 

But that doesn’t mean your long-distance relationship is doomed. If you’re living far from your significant other or you’re about to, consider these essential long-distance relationship rules:

Have clear goals. Some couples can sustain a long-term, long-distance relationship but many \ see it as a means to an end. You’re only separated until someone finishes school, finds a new job, saves up enough money, and so on. There’s a point in the future where you’ll be together and you both have a clear understanding of when that is and who is relocating. The distance can be tough — make sure there’s an end goal that makes it worthwhile for the both of you.

Make time for each other. Are you in different time zones? Do you work opposite schedules? Are you both busy with life’s other demands? It’s important to carve out some special time for each other on a regular basis where you can connect uninterrupted. Sure, it may require some flexibility and cooperation when things get hectic, but making time for each other is an essential way to create and nurture intimacy and closeness, and to let the other know you care.

Get creative with communication. Texting, video chatting and talking on the phone or great, but don’t let your communication feel like a boring routine. Use it as an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company. Play an online game together. Watch the same movie. Send each other funny pictures or videos from your day. And go old school once in a while — mail each other surprises and mementos that serve as reminders of one another.

Share the boring stuff. When you’re separated by distance and don’t see each other every day, you may feel excluded from each other’s lives, which is why it’s so important to share the little details. Tell them about the great meal you made, the show you’ve been watching, the drama happening at work, and enjoy when they do the same. Don’t spare each other the details!

Trust each other. If nothing else, a long-distance relationship requires trust. Distance has a habit of creating worry and paranoia in an otherwise happy relationship. You don’t see each other every day, you don’t know what they’re up to or who they’re spending time with and this paranoia shakes your trust. Just as you’re honest and worthy of your partner’s trust, give them the same respect.

Are you wondering if your relationship will go the distance? Be sure to talk it out with your partner before making the commitment. For professional advice, consult a Zodiac Psychic skilled in love and relationship issues.