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Is My Zodiac Sign Wrong?

Do You Have the Wrong Zodiac Sign?

Have you always found your horoscopes to be off the mark? If you’ve never been impressed with the accuracy of your astrological predictions, consider this: a late or premature birth might have landed you with the wrong sign in the zodiac.

You also may have been born on the “cusp” between two signs, or the path of your life may have affected your fate. This guide can help you find your sign, especially if the sign you were given doesn’t quite match who you believe you are. 


There’s some debate in the astrological community about premature and late births and how they affect your sign.

On the one hand, you have the side who believe that just as fate determines your sign, the stars, too, may have a hand in you being born earlier or later than your expected due date. They argue that a given due date is merely a prediction made by a human doctor or midwife, and that divine or mystical provenance holds far greater sway.

On the other hand, you have the side who’ve found solace — and more accurate horoscope readings — by digging into the circumstances of their birth and uncovering a different sign. Of course, some astronomers (and philosophers) argue that fate is not absolute, that the threads of human free will, circumstance, luck, and destiny all compete and combine to form the tangled skeins that are our lives.

At the end of the day, all that matters is what you think. Have you had trouble with your zodiac sign in the past? Does it feel wrong or incomplete when you scan for relationship advice or personality predictions?


The first step to discovering a new sign is to figure out if (and why) yours doesn’t suit you.

Does your horoscope miss the mark?

First, of course, you’ll want to peruse horoscopes and seek relationship advice based on zodiac signs and look at yourself with clear, unbiased eyes. Are the readings presented inaccurate, or are they just telling you something you don’t want to hear?

Instead of looking at daily horoscopes for accuracy in predicting the future, look at personality profiles based on your zodiac sign and see if they match up. Look for attributes, flaws, and patterns of behavior that you recognize in yourself. If the listed personality profile for your sign is 70% accurate, you probably have the correct astrological sign. If it isn’t, your search may not be over.

Keep in mind also that astrological personality profiles are a base, or “concentrated” form of a sign, to which is added life experience. Your family background and life experience are integral contributors to your personality as a whole. If a sign says you are reserved or shy, but you grew up doing extrovert-type activities like theater or camp, your life experience may make that sign-based attribute inaccurate.

If you’re unsure, share your horoscope or astrological relationship advice with a close friend, family member, or spouse and ask them if it seems accurate. Go to someone you trust not to varnish the truth.

Does your love language match up?

Another good litmus test is to check your love language against your zodiac sign.

If you’re unfamiliar, a love language is how you express (and wish to receive) love, affection, and respect. We’ll keep it short, but the five love languages are acts of service, gift-giving, physical touch, words of affirmation, and quality time.

For instance, a Leo’s love languages are generally gift-giving and acts of service, which matches a Leo’s confidence and desire to be pampered. A Pisces shares love with quality time, while a Gemini wants to hear affectionate and meaningful words from their partner.

Cross-referencing your love language with your sign can be a great way to double-check the accuracy of your zodiac sign and learn more about your approach to relationships in the process.


Another reason your sign may seem inaccurate is if your birthdate is on the cusp of a different sign. This means your birthdate is on the borderline between two signs, and it is more likely you are classified under the incorrect sign.

For instance, someone born on April 19 is technically an Aries but may, in fact, share more in common with Taurus, which begins on April 20.

Cusp signs in the zodiac are recognized as unique. With a little research and a lot of self-awareness, someone on the cusp can actually find more resources than someone whose birthday firmly plants them in one sign. Take our April 19 hypothetical birthday: this person is able to research attributes, numerology, and tarot of both the Aries and Taurus signs, discerning what could apply to them and what doesn’t.


Astrological signs based on birthdays are just the beginning of your horoscope and personality profile.

Traits of an astrological sign can also be affected by the time and location of your birth. Two people born on the same day may have different aspects of the same sign based on the alignment of planets at the time of their birth. Use a birth chart calculator to determine if your rising sun could be affecting your interpretation of the personality profile for your sign, or contact an expert who can personally read your natal chart.

Benefits of knowing your rising sign (also sometimes known as ascendant) include additional information about how others react to you and how you process emotions. For instance, Libra is considered a charismatic, extroverted sign.

A Libra born with a rising sign ruled by the moon would indicate that emotion has a big influence on their interactions with people. This could mean they’re a charming people person with a temper or volatile streak. While Libras born at a different time will not have the same type of emotional processing.


Zodiac signs help us to better understand ourselves, our relationships, and others. But there can be extenuating circumstances that lead to confusion if someone’s birthday places them in the “wrong sign.”

If you were born early, late, or on the cusp of two signs, it can be helpful to research alternate astrological signs and take note of commonalities you share with other signs.