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New Moon Rituals Anyone Can Do

Create your own new moon ritual

The New Moon is upon us and with it comes the energy of intention, initiative and new beginnings. As the Sun and Moon align, the moon is nearly invisible. The night sky is a blank canvas on which we may start anew.

A time of hope and renewal, the New Moon’s energy aids us in planting the seeds of intention, making wishes, and setting goals. With the lunar cycle beginning again, it is thought that an intention will grow with the phases of the Moon until it returns full circle with the next New Moon.

This is also an ideal time to let go of what no longer serves us, whether it’s eliminating toxic substances, habits, or people. The New Moon inspires discipline, ambition, change and openness to new possibilities.

Harness the energy of this powerful time by customizing your own New Moon Ritual. Create a meaningful space and release your intentions into the universe. This ritual is a very personal experience that can be customized to suit you, but we’ve got some tips to help you get started:


You’ll be writing down your intentions, goals, or wishes so you’ll need a pen and paper. Some people use a notebook or journal to track their intentions from cycle to cycle. You’ll also need a few meaningful objects and symbols. Include candles, crystals, herbs, essential oils, soothing music, or other items that will help to achieve the energy you want to create.


Begin with a cleansing bath to prepare for the ritual ahead. Soak in sea salt and herbs to clear your mind of any negative energy and reflect on what you’ll be writing down. Use a mixture of salts like Epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt or other sea salts and herbs and oils like lavender, sage, and rosemary. Light candles, playing soothing sounds, place crystals around the tub, breathe deeply and soak in the New Moon energy. Allow yourself to leave the past behind you and open yourself up to what may lie ahead.


A ritual requires a sacred space. Find a spot where you can relax uninterrupted for a little while. It can help to cleanse the space of any negative or unwanted energy. Smudge with herbs like sage or use cleansing spray made with sage. Then, clear your mind with prayer or meditation and ground yourself to the earth. Calm and center your mind.


Now it’s time for the key part of the ritual—writing down your intentions, dreams, wishes, desires, or whatever you may need to release from your mind. Declaring these things aloud, or writing them down, makes them real and releases them into the universe so the energy of the moon can help them grow. Let it be a spiritual practice. Listen to your inner self and write freely in whatever format suits you, just try and be specific about the things you want to achieve. As you write them down, you commit yourself to these intentions.


A New Moon ritual isn’t meant to be a one-time deal. It’s most effective if you revisit your list and revise as needed. Our dreams and goals are always changing, so our intentions may need adjusting from time to time. Under every New Moon, you can repeat the ritual to renew intentions, let go of those you no longer need and create new ones. But don’t wait until the next New Moon to reflect on what you want. Keep your intentions in mind as you move through the lunar cycle.