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Your Fall 2020 Astrology Calendar

Your Fall 2020 Astrology Calendar

Astrologers were right. It’s been an intense year on many levels. As if three supermoons and six eclipses weren’t enough to indicate radical change ahead, the planets aligned to basically spell it out: 2020 won’t be easy.

And it hasn’t been, thanks in part to Saturn conjunct Pluto. Every 30 or more years, these two planetary powerhouses align and tensions erupt. Since January, destructive Pluto has been seeking to shake things up but serious Saturn holds steadfastly to the old ways. Under Capricorn, ruler of government and economy, this conjunct significantly affects the already tense realm of politics.

Luckily, as we enter the fall months, 2020’s cosmic intensity wavers a little bit. The conflict is still going on but now we’re able to become a part of that change. Autumn has always been the season to reap what we sow and this year the sentiment is especially true. There’s still plenty of time to think and reflect, but the opportunity to take action is here. Consult your astrology calendar to find your perfect timing.


September 2 - Full Moon in Pisces: Just as the moon in full view illuminates the night sky, its presence in Pisces ignites the sparks of insight, inspiration and imagination. Dreamy Pisces is balanced by logical Virgo, which means work on your creative goals will be fueled by some extra effort and ambition.

September 9 - Mars Retrograde in Aries: Mars is the planet of action. When it goes retrograde, it’ll be hard to get things done, especially under the influence of impatient Aries. Thankfully, Mars retrograde only happens once every two years so it’s best not to fight too hard against it. Don’t focus on doing—reflect on past action instead.

September 17 - New Moon in Virgo: The new moon begins a new lunar cycle. If you’re trying to work some moon magic, it’s the optimal time to start strategizing. The new moon calls us to gather our thoughts and plan. It’ll be a breeze with Virgo’s analytical abilities to help keep your eye on the details, just don’t get too hung up on being a perfectionist. 

September 22 - Sun Enters Libra: The sun enters Libra on the Autumnal Equinox, the cusp of two seasons. For a brief time, the scales are balanced between light and dark. Before it tips toward the darkness, use the light for self-examination. Is there balance is your life? Libra craves perfect harmony but risks indecision. Find your balance but don’t overthink it.


October 1 - Full Moon in Aries: Every full moon encourages us to reap what we have sown, yet none quite as much as the Harvest Moon itself. It’s the name given to the full moon that falls nearest to the equinox and a reminder to put your thoughts into action. With the energy and determination of Aries driving you, enthusiasm for the task at hand won’t be hard to find.

October 13 - Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: Communication problems tend to get out of control when Mercury goes retrograde. Passionate Scorpio doesn’t shy away from a debate but it’s really one of those periods where it’s better to let others do the talking. Borrow Scorpio’s curiosity and emotional intellect to listen and learn.

October 16 - New Moon in Libra: A Libra moon brings balance in relationships at home and work. When we think ahead, it’s easy to consider everyone involved and find diplomatic solutions. Yet, Libra’s desire for diplomacy can come at the cost of self-sacrifice. Make sure you keep your own wants and needs in mind too.

October 22 - Sun Enters Scorpio: Serious Scorpio has us looking inward, as the sun shines a light on personality, ego and innermost feelings. Chances are, your mind is full of intense ideas and deep thoughts. Don’t be afraid to really dive into this self-reflection. It will likely lead to a better sense of self and remove any fears you have of blazing your own trail.

October 31 - Full Moon in Taurus: Halloween brings about a second full moon in a single month—a phenomenon referred to as a “blue moon”. Earthy Taurus calls us outside on this All Hallows’ Eve, as the barrier between the physical and spiritual realms is said to be at its thinnest. It’s the perfect opportunity for an energy cleansing moon bath or for charge your crystals in the soil or moonlight.


November 10 - Mercury Re-Enters Scorpio: The last time Mercury met Scorpio, retrograde caused a mess of problems. Now, the planet of communication is at full power and reaping all the benefits Scorpio has to offer. If you want others to take your seriously and listen to what you have to say, now is the time to do some talking.

November 15 - New Moon in Scorpio: Affected by Scorpio’s intensity, this new moon is hyper focused on self-reflection. Under a dark sky, you’ll feel more in touch with your emotions than usual and drawn to explore your shadowy side. It may not be easy, but we find growth and change when we let the darker parts of ourselves come to the surface.

November 21 - Sun Enters Sagittarius: If you’re exhausted with all the epic inner work that you’ve been doing lately, light-hearted Sagittarius will bring a welcome change. You were focused inward before and now it’s time to look all around you. Imbued with Sagittarius’ free-spirit, keep an open mind and try something new, even if it scares you!

November 30 - Full Lunar Eclipse in Gemini: Don’t start anything new at the moment. It’s time to finish what you’ve already started. Wrap up any ongoing communications or any projects you’ve got underway in your family or community. Avoid big changes. Stick with the decisions you’ve already made and let the universe take care of the rest.


While one particular conjunction got 2020 off to a rocky start, not all alignments foretell a tough road ahead. Winter Solstice on December 21 sees Jupiter in conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius.

The focus is still on change but we’re able to see the big picture now with optimism, an open-mind and a renewed sense of imagination. Under a progressive air sign like Aquarius, current ideas are about to shift and make way for the long-awaited transformation—out with the old and in with the new.

We can learn a lot from looking at the stars, but their cosmic influence affects us all differently. When you consider astrological predictions, also consider your sign, your life situation, and your free will. If you want the stars read specifically for you, consult with an expert astrologer for a personalized reading and discover what the rest of 2020 holds for you.