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What your zodiac sign says about your ideal career - Water & Air

What your zodiac sign says about your ideal career - Water & Air

Have you ever looked to the stars for the answers to your career questions? It’s not too late! Your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about your personality and the way you work. We recently shared career advice for Fire and Earth signs. Keep reading to see what jobs are best for your Water or Air sign:

Cancer | The people-person

Sometimes you baffle others with your ability to soothe the soul. You’re a pro at talking down and upset co-worker or mending fences with an angry client. Your calming demeanour and skill at explaining things clearly make you the kind of person people want to work with.

Cancers are naturally sensitive, caring, emotional, and understanding. You’re approachable and connection with others easily. On the downside, it can be hard to shake people who cling to your sensitivity and kindness. 

Cancer excels best in industries where they take on the counselor or educator roles. They also make the best doctors, nurses, or healthcare professionals, mainly because they know how to understand people and intuitively sene what they might be going through.

Scorpio | The confident crowd-pleaser 

There is something about Scorpio that makes it hard for people to look away. If you ever feel self-conscious about people fixing their eyes on you when you walk into the room, get don’t it the wrong way. Get used to it!

Scorpios are naturally confident individuals born with tons of appeal. They can connect with individuals, whether one-on-one or from behind a podium in a crowded room. Scorpio loves to lecture, talk about their projects and answer just about any question. 

As a gifted public speaker and natural charmer, Scorpio excels in the arts or politics. They make great artists, lawyers, judges, professors, or customer service managers.

Pisces | The patient creator

Always the storyteller and never without something to offer or say, imaginative Pisces excels in situations, roles, and places where they can share something. Sometimes, they might even share their time without compensation. You can rely on them to be your crying shoulder when you need a confidante, or to be your advisor when you need someone to talk to. They can sit still for hours waiting for you to up and they don’t mind at all. They are empathic creatures who can stretch their patience for you if it means helping you and making things better.

Because of their patience, near-unlimited understanding, and creativity, the best educators, artists, sculptors, therapists, social workers, and astrologers have often been Pisces.

Libra | The upholder of justice

There’s a reason Libra ‘s symbol is the scales. Libra is Yin and Yang personified. It’s all about balance. Libra is obsessed with fairness, justice, harmony and balance. Libra possess the ability to easily communicate with many different personality types. A wonderful negotiator, Libra wants both sides to be satisfied.

If balance is important to you, consider a career in the legal, justice, or diplomatic fronts. Governments and organizations everywhere need more honest and fair people — and that’s Libra!

Aquarius | The jack-of-all-trades

The ever-flowing sign of the Aquarius hints at what they are good at: just about anything. Aquarius is a very creative individual who can easily find a fit in more logical roles. Aquarius can be an accountant in the daytime, but a make-up artist at night. It’s not hard to meet an Aquarius who paints like Da Vinci but heads off to work as a professor in the morning.

Aquarius is very adaptable to situations, to changing seasons, and even to unstable governments. They can wear one hat this minute, and put on another, unrelated one in the next. It’s a talent that Aquarians demonstrate best. 

If you are an Aquarius, there’s no way to pin you down to one skill. If you want to explore your creative side today then be a mathematician tomorrow, go for it. You know you can do it.

Gemini | The creative spirit

Geminis tend to like the quiet side of things but, when given the opportunity to inspire, encourage, or teach their peers, listen closely: Geminis say the best and most touching things. If Geminis are not speaking from a podium, you might find them in art rooms, in studios, in fashion houses, in libraries, or the newsroom.

As natural-born creators and overall very artistic spirits, Geminis excel best in spaces where they can create something, or where they can directly contribute to a common goal.

Many successful Geminis in history have been journalists, writers, artists, painters, authors, singers, and graphic designers. If your creative traits are strongest, opt for a path that may lead you to these roles.