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What your zodiac sign says about your ideal career _ Fire & Earth signs

What your zodiac sign says about your ideal career - Fire & Earth signs

Many of us turn to the zodiac for answers we seek, like compatibility with a cute new neighbor, what color to wear for luck, or how to deal with Mercury in retrograde. Your astrological forecast can reveal a lot about you and help you make the right decisions in just about every area of life.

Your career is no different. The stars can help you discover your calling guide you towards your best career path. Take a look at what your zodiac sign has to say about your working life: 

Aries | The natural-born leader

If people often describe you as stubborn or (a little too) pragmatic, take it as a compliment. An Aries soul is naturally realistic, practical, and headstrong. The Aries professional rarely takes no for an answer and achieves any goal they set, come hell or water high. Aries loves to compete — the tougher the challenge, the better! For them, it’s all about the journey, not the destination. 

Aries doesn’t step on others to get what they want. Aries is assertive but also intuitive. They possess a strong drive but are more likely to life their peers up then put them down.

Aries excels in management and supervisory roles, often in the corporate world or justice system. Aries does best in environments where performance and success can be measured and goals and benchmarks are set.

Leo | The rule-maker

In popular culture, lions have often been described as courageous and persistent creatures. Leos are no different. Like Aries, they are headstrong and insist on doing things a certain way. Oftentimes, Leos are described to be stubborn and unmoving, but they are always willing to listen and learn.

Leo is a skilled multi-tasker who can plan, organize and execute several, unrelated things all at once. They’re usually so good at it, it’s like a super power!

Some of the most famous Leos in history have been individuals who reigned in justice, educational, and political spheres. Leo does well in creative fields, where they get the chance to inspire, encourage, and lead others.

Sagittarius | The mover and shaker

In myth and legend, centaurs were always on the move from one green pasture to another in order to survive. It makes sense that this half-man, half-horse creature is a symbol for Sagittarius since you can’t pin those born under this sign to one spot.

Adventure runs in the blood of the Sagittarian, which is why they excel in roles where they can travel, see the world, meet new people, interact with someone from outside of their circle, and dip their toes into crazy adventures.

The most successful Sagittarians are pilots, travel advisors, ticketing agents, flight stewardesses, philosophers, models, singers, and even, circus performers.

Taurus | The hard worker 

Taurus, the bull, is unsurprisingly stubborn. Taurus is determined and obsessed with setting and reaching goals, not unlike Aries. The two signs actually make for great co-workers.

Taurus has the best work ethic out there. They make to-do lists, are extremely organized, plan what to do constantly in their heads, and they are always thinking about what comes next. 

With traits like these, a Taurus excels best in the corporate world, particularly in the marketing department of a tech company, in the client-facing department of an interior design firm, or decision-making roles in other industries. 

Virgo | The observer

Traditionally represented by a voluptuous female, Virgo has come to be synonymous with the eagle. Like it’s feathered representative, a Virgo is keenly skilled at noticing details.

Imagine a sharp-eyed bird of prey flying overhead, taking note of what’s beneath them and noticing every movement, every unusual detail, and every feature on the ground. The Virgo is like that — they’re observant, possess great attention to detail, and are good at following rules. They know when something is amiss and they’re not afraid to say it!

That being said, Virgos excel in the medical field, where their attention-to-detail is maximized to the fullest, as well as in the fashion or creative world, where they can easily tell if a certain feature, color, or shade doesn’t belong in the whole picture.

Capricorn | The CEO

Capricorns know what they want and that’s often roles where they stand at the peak of the totem pole. Capricorns is another headstrong sign that likes to set and reach goals.

This explains why many people who have founded and built companies from the ground up have often been Capricorns. The persistence to succeed and the desire for prestige has always been the Capricorn’s most noticeable traits, so it won’t be surprising if you are currently self-employed, or if you plan to be your own boss in the future.