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Summer is the Best Season for Love

Summer is the Season for Love

There’s something special about summer. As temperatures rise, so do the opportunities for romance. Summer love isn’t just something that exists in music and movies. We tend to feel more liberated, adventurous, and uninhibited this time of year. It’s like the season sets the stage for love.

Experts say that summer allows us to seek out more escapes from our routines so we’re more inclined to be open to new experiences and meeting new people. But there’s a lot more to summer that ignites passion and romance. Here’s why summer is the best season for love:


In the summer, days get longer and to-do lists seem to get shorter. We tend to demand a little less of ourselves is the summer. We enjoy more freedom and relaxation, and often a few cold beers or cocktails, allowing us to unwind and let our guard down. Basking in the sun also triggers dopamine in the brain, which makes us feel calmer and happier.


When the weather is warm, it seems like everyone is outside. Beaches are busy, patios are packed, and chances to meet people abound. It’s the season for vacations, concerts, barbecues, weddings, and just about every other big social event, you can think of. Be sure to get out there! Accept invitations that come your way and expose yourself to new people.


Summer wardrobes are undeniably sexier than our winter wear. We trade in coats and sweaters for sundresses and tank tops. Like the clothes, the activities in summer start to get a little sexier too—there’s a lot more skin at the beach than on the ski slopes!


There’s so much to do in the summer, dating options are everywhere. Bring a picnic to the beach. Take in an outdoor movie at a local park. Cuddle around a campfire. Get a ride on the Ferris wheel at the fair. Stargaze under the night sky. Summer is all about having fun!

Summer can feel like a liberating time, and so can the flings or romances that it ignites. You don’t have to wonder where it’s going or worry you’re not the perfect match for each other. You just enjoy each other’s company while you can. Of course, short-term relationships don’t work for everyone, nor is every summer just a limited thing. Sometimes it can turn into more, and when it doesn’t, it’s totally normal to feel bummed. Summer flings can burn out just as fast as they ignite. Try not to take it personally. Chances are, the other person is in a summer fling because they aren’t ready to commit to something more. Go take advantage of everything the summer season has to offer—including romance—but don’t forget to take care of your heart!