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Secret Stones: Using Runes for Divination

Secret Stones: Using Runes for Divination

Within every runestone, lies ancient wisdom.

The word 'rune' translates to 'mystery' or 'secret', so it's no surprise that these stones have been used for centuries to make predictions and gain knowledge.

Inscribed with the ancient alphabets of Germanic languages, runestones remain a popular item in any divination expert's toolkit. With the help of runes, we can foretell what's to come and discover what we need to learn.

What are rune stones?

A rune is a representation of any character in the alphabets of ancient Germanic and Nordic tribes. They carved these symbols into oblong pieces of stone, clay, or wood, thus creating runestones. The use of runes in divination is believed to have originated among these early tribes but may date back even further.

According to Norse mythology, runestones were a gift from the god Odin, but the exact history and folklore of runestones vary among cultures.

How do you read runestones?

Just as the origin of runestones may differ, so do the methods of divination. Most commonly, readings involve drawing one stone or three. The reader shuffles the runes in a bag while focusing on a question or issue. Then, they cast the stones and interpret the meaning.

Each rune is responsible for a particular area of life, such as home, learning, or love.

Here are some of the most common symbols and their meanings:

Fehu ᚠ - “Cattle/Wealth” (abundance, luck, hope, prosperity, wealth, fortune)

Uruz ᚢ - “Ox” (strength, endurance, health, courage, vigor, vitality, force, perseverance)

Raidho ᚱ - “Journey” (progress, movement, evolution, perspective, journey, travel)

Gebo ᚷ - “Gift” (generosity, partnership, gifts, talents, charity, service, assistance, luck, fortune)

Wunjo ᚹ - “Joy” (pleasure, joy, feast, celebration, comfort, belonging, community, success, festivities)

Ready to find out what the runes reveal? It just takes five easy steps:

Choose a professional rune reader skilled at casting runes from our network of advisors. 

Try to tune in to the coming divination. You should not be agitated or impatient. Calm down and relax, and if it helps you, meditate.

Clearly formulate the question about your life that you want to get an answer to now.

Concentrate on your question.

The expert will shuffle the runes in the bag, then draw one with the left hand without looking and put it on the table. This will be the answer to your question. 

Avoid phrases like:

❌ What should I do?
❌ How much longer do I have to wait?
❌ When will it happen?
❌ Where will it happen?

The runes are capable of suggesting ways in which the situation will unfold, but you won't get any specific instructions for action.

Try questions like:

✅ Is it worth...?
✅ Yes or no?
✅ Which option to choose?
✅ What happens if I choose..?

Enjoy your rune casting!