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Psychic insights for 2024: What your advisors want you to know!

Psychic insights for 2024: What your advisors want you to know!

Are you wondering what cosmic forces will shape our collective future in 2024? Around here, we don't wonder--we ask a psychic!

Our network of advisors can tap into their unique abilities to discover insights about the year ahead. For a clearer picture of 2024, we consulted with three top-rated psychics: Jonelle, Alex Daniels, and Lucas. 

Let's see what possibilities and potential challenges they reveal!

Optimist Outlook for Budding Entrepreneurs

“2024 will be a year of economic growth on a personal level across the board! Now is the time to step forward on personal projects. If you’re considering trying something new or beginning a new business, now is the time to act! If you want to be sure the path you choose this year is right for you, let's connect!” - Psychic Jonelle

In tandem with Jonelle's vision of personal economic growth, astrological influences suggest that the alignment of planets, particularly in Earth signs, may catalyze financial opportunities. The presence of Venus in Capricorn early in the year could signify stability and prosperity in personal projects. Jonelle's advice to connect spiritually aligns with the potential for personal and financial transformation under the celestial influences of 2024.

Cosmic Changes Bring New Challenges

“Even though it's a leap year, the onset of the new year, 2024, will usher in positive energies that break away from the past, particularly after mid-January 2024. However, it's important to note that the alignment of the stars might not be as favorable towards the conclusion of February 2024.

Regarding work or new opportunities, 2024 is poised to bring exciting developments for those aspiring for success or seeking a promotion. For individuals in romantic relationships, the period after March holds the potential for reunions. However, caution is advised for those in love or marriage, especially towards the end of February, to prevent discussions that could strain the relationship.” - Psychic Alex Daniels

Astrologically, the beginning of 2024 is marked by favorable energies, aligning with Alex Daniels' positive outlook. However, his caution towards the end of February correlates with potential astrological shifts. As planetary transits influence career prospects and relationship dynamics, Alex's predictions echo cosmic energies' potential ebb and flow throughout the year.

According to Alex, these are the luckiest zodiac signs in 2024:

1. Pisces

2. Libra

3. Scorpio

4. Capricorn

5. Taurus

6. Gemini

7. Sagittarius

Society’s Spiritual Shift

“People must be ready for what is to come because, in 2024, so many changes will happen. It's more like another phase of the world will appear, and people will have to adjust to that new phase. This new phase has to do with new things that will happen in the world, some of which we thought would never happen. I saw that those who are at the top will lose their positions if they fail to adjust to this new phase that is to come. I saw that many of those who will fail to adjust they will be celebrities. I saw that people must prepare themselves by being more in the spiritual because the spiritual realm will influence the whole new phase.” - Psychic Lucas

Lucas' foresight of a new phase aligns with the astrological concept of major planetary transits, indicating significant societal shifts. Astrologically, 2024 may witness transformative movements, such as the rare alignment of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, potentially ushering in spiritual awakenings. Lucas' emphasis on spiritual preparation echoes the potential influence of these cosmic energies on our collective consciousness.

2024 Astronomical Junctures

The year will feature two Blue Moons, where two full moons occur within a month. This lunar phenomenon will be observed in January and March, adding an extra dose of lunar magic. Then, in April, there will be a total solar eclipse, a rare event where the moon completely covers the sun and is set to captivate the skies. The Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Pisces, occurring in mid-2024, is believed to enhance intuition, spiritual insights, and creativity. 

The retrograde phases of Mercury, the trickster of the cosmos, will take us on signature journeys in the elemental signs of air and earth, potentially bringing communication issues and opportunities for reflection. These cosmic recalibrations will encourage personal growth and challenge. As we embark on the cosmic voyage of 2024, we should keep an eye on the skies, mark our calendars, and let the cosmic symphony of eclipses, planetary conjunctions, and lunar phenomena guide us.


In light of psychic and astrological insights, 2024 is a year of potential growth, challenges, and spiritual evolution. The interplay between psychic predictions and celestial influences offers a unique perspective on the intricate dance of the mystical forces that shape our lives. As we embark on this journey into the unknown, the wisdom shared by Jonelle, Alex Daniels, and Lucas becomes a guiding light, bridging the realms of the psychic and the cosmic in our quest to understand the mysteries that await us.