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Tarot - Love and Insight into Relationships

Tarot Love and Insight into Relationships

Tarot – Love and Insight into Relationships through the Tarot cards


Love, what is love? It is perhaps the most difficult question there is. The most frequently asked questions to me are about love. The meaning of love is different for everyone and every person. Small children cuddle with their teddy bear and with their parents, to them, that is love. The parents find love with each other, their child and their loved ones. An old man can find love in the germination of a seed, which becomes a delicious vegetable or a beautiful flower. The teacher in front of the class finds love in the attention she receives from her students when she reads a beautiful story. Love is a special feeling and is experienced differently by everyone.

Love, true love, in my opinion, starts with yourself. You can only feel real love for something or someone else if you really love yourself. First be happy with who you are and feel that in every fiber of your body. Only then can you be truly happy with the people around you. That can be with a partner, that can be with your children, because they too benefit if their parents feel good about themselves. But feeling love for yourself and someone else is not obvious and certainly not always easy. Often there are all kinds of earthly concerns that make life, relationships and love difficult and cause sadness. People create fears for themselves because they have been hurt in the past by life experiences and close themselves off so that they can no longer open their hearts unconditionally and uninhibitedly. Or people are in a violent relationship, but jealousy and mistrust also play a major role. Also, disinterest in each other and cheating are difficult situations, as a result of which people become insecure about their partner and often feel insecure themselves. A divorce also raises many questions and causes a lot of sadness.

Questions that come to mind and that are asked to me for example are:

What's wrong with my partner?

Does he or she still love me?

Will things be okay between me and my partner?

Will a new love come into my life?

Will my partner contact me again?

What the hell am I doing wrong in this relationship?

Is it my fault that things are not going well between my partner and me?

Is there another woman in my partner's life?

My partner and I are now divorced, but does he have a new girlfriend?


For questions like these, the Tarot cards are used to give a love prognosis and to gain better and deeper insights into questions related to love or relationships. I myself work with specific questions that I put in a Tarot love reading with the help of my guides. There are many types of Tarot cards that can provide answers and insights. A Tarot card reading or Tarot reading can bring people peace and give them confidence for the future. Relationships are subject to emotions and therefore extremely susceptible to change. The Tarot cards indicate whether the relationship is okay or not and what is going on within the relationship.

Does this resonate with you and would you like to experience a Tarot love reading? Please contact me and we will look for answers for you.