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What is a Lightworker? Am I a Lightworker?

How to tell if you're lightworker

Are you driven to spread light and love in this world? Do people in need gravitate toward you? Can you sense what they’re feeling? Are you compelled to help?

You might be a lightworker.

A lightworker is said to be a soul on a mission. They are awakened beings who know their soul plan: to be a positive force for humanity through joy, understanding, and peace. Lightworkers are born healers. They are drawn to make a difference by helping others and tend to lean toward positions as teachers, counsellors, medical professionals or artists. 

There are many people who care deeply about the world and dedicate their lives to making a positive difference but are not actually lightworkers. This can make a true lightworker hard to identify, especially since many do not realize they are one. 

To determine if you are a genuine lightworker, you must look within and reconnect with your soul. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you want to begin this self-exploration:

Do you feel like an outsider?

Lightworkers are not like the rest of us on a soul level. This can leave them feeling detached from the rest of the world. Lightworkers many feel isolated, lonely or even experience inexplicable homesickness.

Are you a rebel?

It isn’t easy to a lightworker to conform and listen to authority. They don’t fit into the regular 9-5 mold, have a tendency to buck tradition and may be seen as rebellious. 

Are you extra sensitive to energy?

Do you feel exhausted after spending a lot of time around people? Lightworkers are highly sensitive and take in the emotions of others, especially the negative stuff. A lightworker may need to spend more time alone than others to decompress.

Are you artistic?

Lightworkers crave freedom of expression and often pursue activities that let them release their emotions and explore their feelings, like writing or painting. 

Do you feel a strong need to help?

Were you the kid who always brought home injured animals? Are you the one people come to when they’re in need? Have you always been drawn to jobs where you contribute to the greater good in some way? Lightworkers are driven to help and often make it the focus on their life’s work.

If you think you may be a lightworker, try meditation. Visualize your heart opening up and the light within pouring out and expanding all around you. As the light of your heart expands, look beyond and listen to your consciousness. Be open to the guidance the universe may offer you and choose the actions that align with what feels right in your heart.

Many people seek out the services of a lightworker, but it’s not a typical psychic reading. A lightworker can tune into your energy and offer psychic healing. They can feel, see and hear what emotions you are storing deep within and help you release the negative energy you may be holding on to. Turn to a lightworker if you need help getting in touch with your inner self and finding more light and love in the world.