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Friend or Foe Tarot | Premium Services

Friend or Foe Tarot | Premium Services

Friends come and go. Want to know who will stick around? 

Try a fun reading that can show you if your friend is true blue or might disappoint you: consult the Friend or Foe Tarot!

Is your friendship fickle or forever?

Does your BFF have your back or are they a backstabber?

Should you trust your circle of friends or is someone hiding something?

Who’s your BFF?

Sometimes your soulmate can surprise you. A BFF Reading can reveal who in your life is meant to be your best friend and platonic soulmate. Find out the true intentions of your friends, who you can trust, how to nurture those relationships, and more.

How does it work?

An expert tarot reader will do a spread with you and your friend(s) in mind. To make the best psychic connection possible, share their names, birthdates, and photos. 

To get started, contact the advisors listed below and type #bff. Or call them and ask for a BFF Reading.

Psychic Cilla

Advisor Anna

Satine Star