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4 Relationship Questions Before You Commit

Four questions to ask before your relationship takes the next step

In any serious relationship, there comes a time when you start thinking about what comes next. Sometimes the next step is a big one, like moving in together, buying a house, or getting engaged. These relationship milestones can be both exciting and terrifying. How do you know if you’re ready? What if it changes the relationship? Is this really what your partner wants too?

Before you take your relationship to the next step, ask yourself these four questions:

Do you trust each other?

Trust is essential in any lasting relationship. It’s a sign of a genuine partnership. You need to know that your other half has your back through thick and thin. Trust allows us to be honest and vulnerable with each other to create that special closeness between romantic partners. It also helps to develop confidence in a relationship that will stand the test of time.

Do you support each other?

Your partner should be your touchstone in times of stress and upheaval. Do you support each other when times are tough or is judgement and criticism more common? A solid relationship is built on a sturdy support system. You’re involved in each other’s lives, you encourage each other, and know how to be there for each other when needed.

Do you both take accountability?

You’ve had a big fight and both said some things you don’t mean. Do you each admit your wrongdoings and hold yourselves accountable or does one person refuse to take any blame? Disagreements and arguments are bound to happen but both sides must be willing to apologize and forgive for a relationship to succeed.

Do you want the same things?

A lasting couple needs to share the same or similar values. Are your goals in line with one another or do you want different things in life? At the start of relationship, sparks are flying and emotions are running high. It’s exciting and fun but it can be easy to ignore what each of you want in the future. Once it’s time to take the next step, stop putting off the talk about goals and values. A serious relationship should be able to survive an honest discussion about what each person wants, from career goals to having children and beyond. 

Now that you’ve asked yourself these questions, is your relationship ready for what comes next? The truth is, we may never really know until we take that leap of faith. If you can’t stand the uncertainty, a spiritual advisor can help you see things more clearly. Find a Zodiac Psychic skilled in love and relationships and get the answers you seek!