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I am a multi-dimensional Advisor who could help you understand different phases of your life to give you a complete outlook on the answers you seek. 

 I am the one to call a gifted, empathic reader that will guide you through any situation with honesty, kindness, and respect. 

Responses are fast and quick

My experience includes personal spiritual advisor (30yrs), online chats and phone readings. I use a combination of gifts to provide the answers you seek. 

My customer base includes people from all over the world.

🎴Tarot used on occasions in combination with my natural abilities to confirm and verify predictions. My spiritual abilities are powerful when combined with the cards and remote viewing. Its aid to give clear loved precise answers delivered with empathy and compassion. 

🙌I am very sensitive to the past channel of your previous life. You will be astonished at what you will hear. I can connect your past to your present to 

💤Also, let me tell you what your dreams mean. What type of dreams are you struggling with? Dreams, logical meaning can produce instant knowledge and information that is sometimes beyond our ability to understand. Its mystical and special characters can sometimes be for our spiritual development and guidance. 


Always had been a gifted child from an early age, but didn't quite understand why I would see images and visions. 

I just knew I was different. Until one day, I discovered what my gifts truly mean. Years of preparation, study, meditation, and the skilled guidance of my grandmother, who helped me develop and fine-tune my gifts to help others.

Skills: Affirmations, Clairvoyant, Remote Viewing, Tarot, Angel Readings 

Additional Services: Candle Burning & Prayer, Customized Spiritual Prayers, Spiritual Bath To Remove Negativity




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