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I’m a clairvoyant psychic medium & angel reader dedicated to help you find your soulmate and keep him. I specialize in Love, Dating, Marriage, and LGBT. As a love expert, concrete, clear, honest, very spiritual and fast-typist, I will help you based on where you are in your True Love Journey:

- If you are single: I will help you understand when you’ll meet your True Love, what he does for a living, how you two will meet, if you met him in a past life and details about that life, how to recognize him. I have your back and give you the best guidance from your guardian angel: if there is anything in particular that you must be aware of before you meet him, I will let you know to be very well prepared for this encounter – it could be learning to be more feminine, having more confidence to making changes in your life to attract your soulmate sooner.
- If you are already in a relationship, I will let you know if this relationship is meant to last and you two will tie the knot or not and how to accelerate things with your partner to get engaged.
- If you are already married, I will help you understand why your partner behaves a certain way, what’s truly causing the challenges, and how to fix your marriage. If your partner is unfaithful, I will help you understand concretely how to keep him.
- I’m also a pregnancy expert and fertility expert!

I’m also a Money, Career & Life Purpose Psychic Advisor and would be delighted to help you understand how to make extra cash, manage better your finances, assess if a business decision is good, help you invest your money in stock market, find your life purpose and let you know if there is any career change in the air for you.

If you feel a bit stuck in life, need some guidance on your life or spiritual path, it would be an honor to channel messages of your Angels and help you gain full clarity on what’s ahead, what’s meant to be and how to make the most of it to turn your situation around, in your favor. My mission is to help you live your life at its fullest with loads of Love, Happiness, Light and Abundance.


With 10 years of experience advising clients professionally as a psychic, I’ve helped hundreds of people around the world find their path to happiness. Whether happiness means love, marriage, parenting to some or whether it means making more money, feeling financially self-reliant and abundant, starting a business to others, or even if it means being still, calm, peaceful and spiritual, I’ve helped peopled them understand what the future holds in store for them, how to show up in their life to meet that special someone, land the best career opportunity or be spiritually awakened, so that each one would find his or her jar of happiness. I always feel humbly blessed when I see my clients happy, exactly where they want to be in their lives and living a life at its fullest, based on their own terms and standards.

Even if I am a college-educated person, I’ve always been drawn to the field of spirituality, self-help, intuition and the spirit world. I first discovered I was a psychic when I was just a kid, through premonitory dreams. I initially dismissed the recurring dreams, thinking ‘that’s just some great luck’, but then, I realized that the more I despised my own gift, the more powerful it became: I am a clairvoyant and this has always been part of my life. Growing up, under the guidance of my guru and mentor, I discovered other gifts that were still dormant: my natural healing gift, clairaudience and mediumship gift. I decided to get practical psychic training to let my life gifts blossom and use them professionally, in a very accurate, loving and positive way. I mainly work with the Angelic Realm: Angels are so pure, filled with unconditional love and truly want us to reach our goals and experience more love in our life.

It would be an honour to guide you on your life journey, the same way I’ve helped hundreds of people around the world heal, be patient or take a concrete action, based on their situation, to put some order back in their life and create a life they love: filled with love, light and abundance.

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