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Love & Relationships


Good day, everyone, I'm Rezana hereby I'm a piece of relationship advice on love, Divorce being in a relationship with your soulmate needs time, respect, honesty if you need any advice about why is your partner not treating you how you need to be treated if you need advice about sex to spice it up to your sex life, Going through a divorce , bio sexual advice. I'm a straight talker I tell it like it is all because helping is something I'm very good at whether it's an abusive relationship I'm here. Whether you in a relationship and you find yourself in a situation where you love two people I'm here if you need to talk. when you in a relationship but no longer have feelings for your partner but you just have to stay all for the sake of your kids I offer advice. when you in a relationship but want to get out and don't know how because you scared he or she might kill your .you can talk to me on those situations I'll give you advice if you looking for the right person to share your life with I'll be looking forward to hearing from you soon.


I Rezana have many years of experience in helping families and friends and other people going through a difficult time in their relationship & love and sexual life and if I tell you I'm here to help you I'm going to go all out to give you the best advice I'm a very good listener and like being honest, respect other people's feelings there's a lot of people, partners staying in an abusive relationship because they scared to speak up by telling them self's what will people say let me tell you something if you not going to stand up for yourself nobody will .there is so many partners after getting married their sex life just go boring just because their kids' kids doesn't or shouldn't stop you by being free and freaky in your private place enjoy each other's like the first day in order to keep your relationship healthy .if you find yourself in a relationship whereby you felt out of love with your partner sit down and talk how you feel and take it from there. I have lots of experience I hope I hear from you soon.

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Mar 15, 2023
Mar 14, 2023
zana is brilliant and very connected, terrific reading
Mar 14, 2023
sorry the chat crashed I will call you back now
Feb 16, 2023
Thank you Zena. ✨
Feb 15, 2023
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