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I am a natural born clairvoyant, since I was a child I've had premonitory dreams and make sense of them with the help and guidance from my grandma. I have expertise in the Gypsy Oracles, Lenormand, and Russian Gypsy decks, crystal ball, pendulum, past lives oracle, runes, photomancy, palmistry, fairy oracle, Interpretation of dreams and candles too, rituals, cleansings, gemotherapy. My clairvoyance has allowed me to develop professionally as a medium, I do spiritual works such as cleansings, openings of roads, sweetenings, love moorings and everything related to healing energies, I will help you in everything you need with the guidance and support of my guides and ascended masters. I can help you see your best path clearer. I'll be pleased to offer you my very best advice and you will always find in me a reliable and extremely honest and sincere advisor.


When I was a child I dreamed things that happened afterwards, and although I did not understand why, I learned later on that I could foresee the future through them. I am not only a medium but also a very intuitive and perceptive human, and I help people a lot through channeling. My experience goes back to my childhood, when I was about 10 years old and I healed the evil eye, stomach ache and shingles among kids. In regard to the tarot, I began with Spanish and Marseilles cards readings before 15, however, i have a considerable expertise today in the oracles; especially the gypsy decks and the crystal ball as well as the pendulum. My passion for esotericism as well as my love to help others have made me an excellent, honest, committed and very respectful advisor. People like my kindness, sincerity and commitment. I'm here to help you and I know, I can and I'm willing do it.




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did he even love me ???
Jan 22, 2024
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Dec 1, 2017
solo quisiera saber si van a estar juntos siempre la pregunte que me hice o que va a pasar
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