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Hi!! My name is Yue, I’m Colombian and very proud to have born in this beautiful country. I started at the age of eight in a beautiful path called Wicca, my family, who are all spiritual people (which I like to call witches) , introduced me to this path. Through the years, I have learned many things in Wicca and have also met many beautiful people who have taught me in about life. After being on this path for 10 years and reaching the level of high priest in my tradition; I decided to go on my own spiritual journey to understand my internal processes.  I was then introduced to the traditions of Santeria and Voodoo and I studied them for years. I fell in love with all the culture, and started to honor the Orishas in my life.  During this period, I met Ellegua who has been a kind and powerful influence in my life to this day, for this reason I Honor and Respect Ellegua (the Orisha of Communications and Doorways) a lot. Even though I am not an initiated priest in the religion, I recognize Orishas as powerful entities of Nature and who are an important part of my daily life. In addition, I started to learn about angels, archangels and other beings of light, and this is when I met one of my mentors, a beautiful woman who taught me the esoteric/magical part of these beings and how to develop my skills with angelic communication and healing. She also introduced me to Reiki, an amazing natural way of healing using the energy of universe. In conclusion, I can truthfully say that I don’t have an specific path, I just follow my own way of honoring the great and beautiful energies who live with us/among us, while recognizing that there’s a supreme energy, the Great Architect Of The Universe guiding every step we take. I take from every path what helps me to be a better person and to develop myself in every possible way.


15 years of experience doing face to face, chat and video readings, long or short distance, i have this experience as a tarot reader, as a reiki healer, as an angel channel and as a psychic. i'll use my experience to bring you the clarity you're looking for! 


offers insightful guidance but is not clear in direction to specific questions
Totally waste of my time an money quick but l don’t understand the way he states things
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