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Yannas Tarot


I am a Psychic, Tarot Reader, Empath and most importantly a Healer. As a young girl, I always felt intuitive but at that point I chalked it up as being "paranoid" lol. At the age of 7, I had a vision that an older family member would win a lot of money. A few months later, they won the lottery. As time went on, I would get more visions and all of my visions would come true. It was then that I began trusting my gift. I picked up my first Tarot deck and began studying tarot to compliment my gift. I began performing readings on my cousins, sisters, friends and even my husband. They all told me they couldn`t believe how accurate I was. I began doing readings for complete strangers and they couldn`t believe how accurate all my readings were. Fast forward to now, I’ve done readings on thousands of clients.I specialize in love and career readings. I know you have plenty of questions and I am here to give you answers. I strive to help you gain clarity at the end of our reading. I am never going to sugar coat or lie to you about anything. Please don`t be afraid to send me a message, i`m here to help.


Do you have burning questions about your love life? Maybe you want to learn more about your finances or your career. during our reading I will use my gift and my tarot cards. I am always able to feel the emotions of other people and seek a solution to your problems and questions. I believe I am the tool to which you should be able to gain insight and clarity. I will provide you with lots of practical and in depth ways of improving your situation. I can do a general reading or do a more in depth reading if you like. My reading with you, will be very specific and straight to the point. I will be able to trap into your past and describe your past in great detail. Many of her clients describe me as being very nurturing. This is one of the main reasons why my clients come back for more readings. I look forward to building a connection with you.

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Nov 7, 2018
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