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Hi, my name is Xonia!
🙏I am very happy to be here and to contribute with my clairvoyant knowledge to the creation of a better world.
I like to help people, to give them useful advices, to guide their steps towards a quiet life, to offer them guidance in the future choices regarding love, professional plans and absolutely everything that defines your peace of mind.
With the help of tarot cards, we will be able to transport ourselves together in the world of the unknown in order to make sense of the present. My only gratitude is to see the fulfilled people to get rid of their problems and drive them away, to help them lead a better life on earth🌎 . This is the pure truth of everyday life, being in the service of people for years and years and dedicating myself to them I have the satisfaction that I could do something for people with problems, using my prophecy, my grace that I acquired it as a child, from my clairvoyances to see the future and to help in solving problems. Call with the utmost confidence and your life will change from bad to good 🙌


I have a rich experience of over 20 years of tarot. From time immemorial, people have sought to lift the veil of secrecy and find out their future in the hope of finding happiness and making sure of any failures. One way to do this was to guess in the books. In my family, this mystery has always been in constant discovery and research, in various ways: white magic, candle rituals, reading tarot cards and all this has been passed on to me since I was a child and aroused my curiosity so much so that even today I seek to discover and analyze these things to help you purify your soul and find your inner peace. I consider myself a simple human who received a gift from God and who I used and magnified with each case I had more and more. The information you receive can be changed by Free Will. Ultimately, you are in control of your destiny. The information I give to you comes from Spirit and should be used in a manner that reflects love and light. Things occur according to spiritual TIMING ⏳, which is set by the Univers. Sometimes, YOU or the individual(s) you are asking about are in the middle of your karmic life lesson that must be completed in order to achieve a resolution that is necessary for the highest good of all. Please try not to focus on the timing as much as the outcome. When you hold on to the timing you can accidentally create blockages. Remember, things happen when the Univers wants them to, not when you want them to. I can't wait to help you with my grace.🙏🏽 

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May 30, 2023
thank you Xonia, for your time and honesty
Apr 26, 2023
awesome and accurate. really picked up on my situation. wonderful read
Dec 28, 2022
Oct 22, 2022
She’s honestly such a great person! she doesn’t follow a script and you can tell that she cares about you!! She read my situation so well in such a short amount of time! 😊
Sep 29, 2022
i’ll be right back sweetheart God bless you I have to go in to work 10 minutes to be there ha ha
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