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Hello, My name is Xonia and I have been an expert in tarot for more than 20 years. I have the gift of listening and understanding any situation and more than that, the books will tell me how to help you. “True dreamers are not the dreamers, but the ones who help others see their dream in the palm of their hand. " I am a person of grace, I can listen and I can solve people's problems, and Tarot cards have shown me that they are the best solution to find out what the future holds for us. Do not leave yourself unprepared and ignorant in the face of problems, regardless of their nature. I am the right person to advise you on how to avoid these situations. Life is full of bad or good experiences, with the help of Tarot cards I can help you prepare for each of them. Whenever you feel the need to talk to a friend, I am at your disposal. I look forward to seeing you!


I have a rich experience of over 20 years of tarot. It is said that every person is born with a destiny and life is a journey. You don't have to be a scientist to realize that some things can't be explained but you can't ignore certain divine fellows. Over time, people have tried to guess their future and for this they have resorted to various practices. Even though I have over 20 years of experience in tarot, I consider myself a simple human who received a gift from God and who I used and magnified with each case I had more and more. A gift that I did not ask for but it was given to me ... that's why I make my services available to anyone who asks me and thinks I can help him. This is the pure truth of everyday life, being in the service of people for years and years and dedicating myself to them I have the satisfaction that I could do something for people with problems, using my prophecy, my grace that I acquired it as a child, from my clairvoyances to see the future and to help in solving problems. I can't wait to help you with my grace.🙏🏽

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she told me things I didn't even have to tell her, it surprised me. she is honest and helps you if you want.
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