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Halo! Contact me for an Angel card reading. My name is Xiomy and I am a certified angel intuitive. My readings can help you with your life path and answer your questions about career, relationships and love. I am a clairaudient reader. This means I hear the guidance of the angels. I use angel oracle cards to assist me in the readings. They are similar to tarot only focused on the angels and their messages. My readings are very accurate and straight forward. I simply tell you what I hear. The angels have your highest good in mind and their advice can help you with your purpose. I am also a certified life coach and healer. I can help guide you and offer advice on many issues. I have helped people with relationship issues figure out their path as well as answered questions about career. I will not tell you what you want to hear. I will offer help to the best of my ability and ensure that your time is well spent. I am certified under angel intuitive Charles Virtue son of intuitive Doreen Virtue. The angels communicate to me in my minds ear and tell me what to say to each client in relation to their question as well as offer their advice. I only work with Angels of God and Light so I will not work with lower energies for you. I believe in kindness and empathy and the angels I work with are gentle and while still being direct. Angel card readings are tailored to your life plan and purpose and the angels know what is best for you according to that plan. Angels give messages about how to overcome struggles in life and what to do to empower yourself. Their messages are truly powerful. Angel card reading are different than psychic tarot readings because they offer insight to your life about the direction your life is headed according to your Purpose. The angels are more like guides than fortune tellers. Contact me now, I would love to help you!


My readings are very accurate and lovingly guided by Angels of Light. I have been communicating with Angels since childhood and I love helping people. I am also a certified Archangel life coach and angelic healing practitioners. I can help you heal energetically and coach you with the help of these angelic beings. My readings have helped people decide what to do about their life. I have been told that I am very accurate and that my readings gave them a gentle push in the right direction. My readings are uplifting and realistic. They are personalized and each reading is fit for each person. People have been very satisfied with my work and are very thankful. One example of an angel card reading is when a woman asked me questions about her career. After consulting with the angels and using my angel cards I was able to see very clearly what she was going through. The angels showed me how frustrated and stressed she was with her current job. They told me that her job was competitive and that her coworkers treated her unfairly. They recommended that she reevaluate her goals and direction on her career. They ensured her that she was not alone and that it was safe to consider other options. They showed me her desire to start a new job and advised her to transition slowly. They gave her confidence and good news. They showed her that she would be happy in another profession. They advised her to look for another job. They also saw that she would be great on a job working with kids. The woman was very relieved to have this reading. She informed me that she was considering leaving her job and trying something new but was afraid. After her reading, she told me she had more confidence to move on with her life. She told me that she felt at peace with herself and that the reading was very accurate and empowering.

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