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Extensive experience in love and relationships. Extensive experience working with angels and ascended masters. Extensive experience working with twin flames and the challenges therein(both personally with my twin flame, and others with their own). Extensive experience in energy healing and working with the sacred flames, both planetary and personally, across global distances(energy healing, remotely dispelling or transmuting energies[either from a space or within a person's etheric field], creating light or energy shields and helping one to sustain that shield). Adept experience in astrology and the tarot as well as working with animal spirits. Adept experience in accessing the higher realms to attain clarity and insight into many types of situations. Main psychic attribute: "clairecogniscence"(the psychic ability to "know/understand") and combining that with empathy; Allowing me to empathically feel and analyze ones feelings or situations and using all abilities, gifts, tools, and knowledge to inform the most accurate and reliable information possible to ultimately achieve happiness or clarity in ones life, situation, trials, and/or predicaments.


I have always found my self on the receiving side of a great many people's secrets, situations, and crisis'. Much of what I have been consulted for upon my journeys is almost always related to romance or life trauma and, how either can affect one's mood in the moment therein, or life journeys at large. I started to study meditation at the age of seven whilst attending martial arts classes at the heed of my mother. She always said it would be good for me as I was: "Her gift from god, the angel my grandmother predicted to be." To my knowledge(when I was seven) everyone was like me, until I found out that everyone is unique and equipped various traits and talents that allow them through this life. My traits and gifts were unknown to me at that age(7), however that did not stop me from realizing how very different from and gifted with people I am. At the age of nine I achieved blissful states often whilst meditating in the trees of my country home. That is where many beings including angels, ascended masters, cosmic beings etc, shared energies with me allowing me insight into my own mind, energetic systems, sacred flames and more! Since then I have had encounters from literally thousands of people, all of which knowing I have helped, touched, or aided in some way. I have traveled across the united states several times, always meeting the next person to serve and aid to spread this love and light as best as I can. All the while meeting with elders, gurus, masters, mediums, and psychics, learning how to master my gifts and abilities. My abilities are including but perhaps not limited to: Claire-cogniscience(the psychic ability to know/understand), telepathy, dreamwork, angelic whispers, empathy, energy work(of all kinds), light work, working with sacred flames, ascension energies, and many more things to be discovered. Tools I like to use in harnessing my gifts: conversation and connection, astrology, the tarot, psychic energies, physical energies, pendulums, light psychology, and abuse, trauma, and emotional studies.

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