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Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel
Relationship Problems
Witch Hazel


Renowned for my accuracy, I have been reading the tarot for almost 30 years and while each reading is unique, there are certain things you can expect.  Using a reading style that blends traditional tarot reading with elements of life coaching and Law Of Attraction, I use my cards to see what is really going on for you right now and then, most importantly, help you to see what you can do with this information to move your life in the best direction.  It is all about empowering you!  I connect through the unique energy each living soul emits, and so can help you even if you don't know someone's name or date of birth. While I can only say what I see, it is important to remember that the future isn't set in stone, so I can look at likely timescales and then, if appropriate, we can see what you can do to speed events up, slow them down or even avoid them. I most often use tarot cards, but may also pull oracle cards or even combine tarot decks to get the clearest, most rounded answer for you.  Whether your question is about your love life, your career, or family issues, I can help you identify any potential obstacles or opportunities and move forward.  I can also help if you have spiritual questions and want to better understand yourself, regardless of your chosen path; the tarot is the ultimate self-help tool! I believe it is also important to let you know what my limitations are.  My readings will always be about you and I cannot - and will not - use my gifts to "psycically spy" on a third party.  What this means is for relationship questions, I can look at the energy between you and the other person, even pick up their feeling about you and what they want for the relationship, but I cannot look at their relationship with someone else. Finally, I feel it is important to understand that I am not a Medium.  I do not work with spirits and unfortunately cannot receive messages from those who have passed away.


I am a British witch who comes from a long line of natural psychics through my mother's side of the family, and displayed sensitivity from an early age. As a child, I would help friends understand their dreams and show them how they could unlock the subconscious meanings hidden within to empower their lives, a service I still provide today. Studying for my degree in psychology at a university not only made me more familiar with the work on dreams by Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, but also enabled me to train as a counsellor, a skill that is essential to any professional in the metaphysical field. It was while at the university that I followed my intuition and started working with the tarot as a tool for self-help and insight into the potential future. Initially, after several years of training and honing my skills, I offered my services on a part-time basis, fitting clients in around my career and family life. In 2012, the Universe gave me the opportunity I had been looking for when fate brought my family to the USA for a few years, and I was finally able to bring my tarot skills to the fore; being free from a “muggle” job enabled me to dedicate the time needed to finally take the leap and follow my dream of offering my tarot services full time, and I've never looked back. Now I am back in the UK my gifts are even stronger and I am continuing to pursue my career as a tarot reader. A member of various professional tarot bodies, I always work to a strict code of ethics which means you can get a reading with me and know it will be of the highest standard. Over 25 years experience reading the tarot Certified Tarot Master

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Janelle Alladin
Mar 11, 2022
Jan 5, 2021
wish i could add more funds thanks witch hazel! hope u can finish ur reading
Jan 4, 2021
Thank you Witch Hazel for your quick honest & too the point answers Xxx
Jul 16, 2020
Jul 8, 2020
great reader and fast typer! Thanks Witch Hazel
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