I have always believed that I have walked with Angels.  I have survived physical abuse, broken home, hunger and the death of my parents within months apart.  I am an empath and I can feel your pain and the needs for closure.  I offer you a connection of my personal instruments to connect and give you the reading that you require.  I use Tarot and Divinity Cards, Psychic connections and at times my spirit guides will also connect on issues that are important.  I am always here for you be that a telephonic reading or a IM chat reading.  You will also get an open and honest reading from me as I don't believe in beating around the bush.


I have been reading Tarot for the last 4 years in the UK.  I do tea leave readings, scrying, color readings, ribbons and flower readings as well as psychometry of personal loved ones.  In the years that I have been a reader and a clairsentient, I have always valued the honor bestowed on me by you to allow me into your life.

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