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Hi, I'm Wise Cat – thank you for taking the time to look at my profile. My goal as a psychic is to provide you with enlightenment & deliver the answers that you seek in a clean cut but caring manner. I can focus on any area of your life in which you seek guidance on including; relationships, life decisions big or small, business-related questions, house moves & more. I am a clairvoyant cartomancer, which means that I use my natural gift of psychic sight along with my deck of cards to provide your answers. The combination of the suits, numbers & colours in my cards alongside my psychic vision will help me to accurately pinpoint the energy where it needs to go in order to provide your guidance. The energies that I feel are around me & help in my psychic readings are those of the angelic realm. I look forward to connecting with you.


I have always known that I was psychic & as a young boy, my wonderful Grandmother would teach me how to read the cards. As a matter of fact, she has passed on her prized deck to me. This is where I got my start on the psychic path. Ever since then, I have been training & honing my skills in order to become a professional psychic. I have been providing readings over the phone & online since 2018 & I am currently being mentored by a celebrity psychic (who I am also engaged to). Although my professional psychic career has only just begun, I already have a plethora of satisfied & returning clients. As well as that I already have offers of media work coming in due to the recognition of my skill as a psychic. I am certified in the divination technique of “Cartomancy” (card reading) to an advanced level.

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