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I am a Psychic Medium.  I have been professionally doing Astrology and Tarot since 1980. I have always been psychic and saw my house fire and how to get out. My family was safe despite losing everything. I immersed myself into an intense study of Astrology, Tarot and many other psychic disciplines, to clearly understand why and when the events I see psychically will most likely happen. I am a caring intuitive and empath who does not sugar coat things. I also do Life Coaching for business and career matters, as well as relationships of all kinds. Spirits come through of deceased loved ones bringing detailed information for my clients. I love to help others, bring peace and understanding why situations happen. Guidance sometimes comes through for the client about health issues and information to alleviate symptoms holistically.


I work locally in the Dallas Texas area at several psychic fairs, as well as private readings by phone and face to face. I also do parties and events. I read natal, progressed and transit charts for my clients. I also read Tarot and Oracle cards. I read a unique reading called Planetary Lithomancy in which I read crystals representing planetary energies in an astrological structure. This is done on a board that is like an astrology chart or on a specific client's natal chart.


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