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I am a spiritual advisor. I provide tarot, oracle, and mediumship readings. I provide advice as determined to what is seen in the cards. If at anytime spirit should come through their message will be shared with you. I also will use a pendulum for yes and no questions. I am open to most readings but will not do pregnancy readings. They are very difficult to see in cards or even with a pendulum. Relationship, finance, and health is my specialty. My readings can be from mini-reading with three cards (past, present, future), a full reading with ten cards (Celtic Cross), and five-card reading (advice spread) is available. I am a certified Reiki master. Was certified two years ago. It can be performed distantly. I also do chakra balancing. Personal information: I am a mother and grandmother. I have six children and ten grandchildren. I am self-taught in Mindfulness and the law of attraction. I will use this information to help you manifest your desires in your journey through life. My gifts came early. At age ten I was reading tarot cards and speaking to spirit. I have forty-eight years of experience. I hope you give me the opportunity to assist you! Bright Blessings!


My experience is vast. I have been reading tarot cards for over forty-seven years. I started out only readings for friends and loved ones. Then doing readings at parties. Over the last five years, I have been doing online readings either by phone or by video. I joined several groups and have done readings within the groups. I also perform readings live during spiritual fairs. Many customers are surprised by the information provided by the cards. Spirit communication has been a part of my life since I can remember. I assist in paranormal investigations with the Haunted Honeymooners. I have been on ghost hunting adventures and have had many wonderful experiences. I do Facebook lives and YouTube videos. My web page provides information with a blog and merchandise that can be found in a metaphysical shop. So I hope my experience interests you in giving me a try. Bright Blessings!

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