Greetings, I am Willow. I was born a natural healer, this is one of my top gifts.I am very Clairvoyant.I use tarot, oracle cards and a pendulum for my readings, and I am guided by angels and spirit guides. I am empathic, sensitive, caring and aim to give you a reading that will answer your questions. I can help clear up the confusion between soul mates & life partners, or any other situation that you may have.I am patient caring and a natural ability to see the good in others. Over the years I have become an accomplished (Psychic) Tarot reader. I don't claim to know everything about all this stuff - who does? I will say, however, that I am guided in spirit and that my psychic side comes out to play during these, as well as at many other times, so looking at the past, the present and the future, and to guide and (hopefully) further the peace of mind and well being of others. I look forward to helping you on your journey.  Love and light.


I have worked professionally as psychic for 15 years. I have been gifted from a young age. I have a genuine and caring nature, which enables me to connect with clients when doing readings. I work with tarot cards to deliver a truly accurate reading.I have been intuitive since I was a little girl who was too young to understand about the things I was sensing about other people. It has been other psychics including a famous female psychic who I read for who told me I had a gift and I have not looked back since.  I can read using tarot, clairvoyance, psychic methods and energy reading. I can give love and relationship readings and also readings on generally anything troubling you. I do not sugar coat anything and only tell you the truth, provide clarity and hope with the best intentions.

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she gave me no answers that made me feel she was speaking to me and not just a generalization based on my sign as well as numerology traits.. she avoided specific questions and answered some with vagueness.. very disappointed,  seeing as I spent quite a decent bit of time researching as much as I could on each, based on reviews, and it was my bday and a gift to myself.. was let down..
Thank you sorry random out of funds


ramona roberts
I can honestly say she is absolutely amazing before I even gave her any information she already knew why I was contacting her. She is definitely the real deal probably the best psychic I've ever talk to. Definitely try her
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