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Born with natural psychic gifts I use them to help me get into the correct place to help you. I use tarot to help me get more information about your question. I have spirit guides that help me make sure I am getting the most accurate information for you. My cards are tuned into me and I tune into your energy to get the information for your question. I also use my Ancestors to help with my psychic gifts and giving me the answers that you need to know. I use tarot, pendulum, runes, a crystal ball and crystals to help my divination. I am a strong empath, and being such it helps me connect with you on your emotional level, which in turn helps me get the most accurate information as possible. I do not sugarcoat the information that I get but I do gently give you the information. I always try to give you the most accurate reading and will always give you more information and will be sure you give you all information I recieve. As a tarot reader the cards I use will call to me for you specifically, sometimes cards will jump out telling me you need to know about that and what you need to know about your question to give you the best possible answer.


I have been working with Tarot for ten (10) years of my life and have been working with all of my other divination tools for at least eight (8) years. I have helped others from friends to family to strangers and have been told it is what they needed to hear. My cards are specially designed for optimal accuracy and they tend to come with the information you need to hear. I have worked with my crystal ball for nine (9) years and listen to my gut when my cards show me the information. I have worked with dating advice, relationship, marriage, pastlife, friendship, soulemates and much much more. Using my empath abilities I am able to go into more indepth with my readings and find the root of your answer with any of my divination tools. I also use a pendulum board to help me answer questions a little more and using the pendulum and tarot I have been able to break down questions and get you accurate answers. From strangers I have been told over and over that my readings have helped them so much and that I have been able to help them through the difficult moment in their life.

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