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Bryan Long


Readings can be as simple as yes and no answers to full in depth looks at life’s trends. I use various methods to gain this information from pendulum to cartomancy which is the use of cards to divine the future trends based on current circumstances. My most popular methods of divining are pendulum, angel cards, oracle of light cards, and High Arcana tarot readings. The future is like a river. It flows and changes depending on what is in it, life’s circumstances are like rocks and they can change the way the river flows. The cards and pendulum are merely a means of expressing what the “rocks” are in your life, and how they might be changing the flow towards your future. The future is not set in stone, and changes now can affect what happens in the future. The Angel Deck and Oracle of Light Deck give insights into what must be done to shift negative rocks and influences to ensure better outcomes for the future than are currently going to take place. Even good outcomes can be made great


My psychic powers began manifesting when I was four years old. At this age clairvoyance, audience, and sentience presented themselves. From there I began having precognitive dreams, waking visions, and speaking to my angels and guides. By the time I was 13 I began rigorous training in the areas of cartomancy, using cards to divine the future, and energy healing. I have been doing professional card readings on the phone, via chat, and in person for 17 years, and have average a 4.3 star rating. I am honest and sincere with what the cards and my impressions tell me, even if what I have to say is not what a person absolutely wants to hear, honesty is more important than word play. From cleansing auras, and breaking curses, to reading future trends, I have what it takes to help you. I continue to study and learn new methods and information daily so I can be the best psychic I can be, and I bring all this information to you.

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