Wild Enchantress


Welcome! My name is Tess and I am a second generation intuitive Tarot Consultant.  Through the cards, together we can explore the hidden and deeper aspects of your situation and find ways to guide you to the most valuable insight for your highest good. I cover areas of love, family, personal growth, self esteem and building self confidence in my clients by aiding you to stand in your power and own your story. I use a wide range of decks depending on which is called to me for your situation. Through my practice I share that life is meant to be a journey of growth and learning, and that all you ever need lies within you. I look forward to connecting with you soon.


My grandmother was a tarot reader and instilled in me the curiosity to study the cards and become skilled at interpreting the messages within for each individual experience. I have been practicing for over 12 years and also had extensive training through the international Transformational Tarot Counselling Course facilitated by a practicing psychotherapist and internationally renowned tarot practitioner. I have also had experience mentoring and teaching students of tarot through an international tarot foundation. My knowledge and skills are always being refined to give the most wisdom and guidance to my amazing clients.

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Family Advice Soulmates Angel Readings Love and Sex Rider Waite Cards Dating Advice Parents and Children Relationship Advice Cheating and Affairs Automatic Writing Spiritual Reading Career Advice Occult Readings Angel Cards Dream Analysis Karma and Past Life Other Tarot Cards Breakup and Divorce Crowley Cards




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