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~ Accurate, honest, empowering and non-judgemental reader with 16 years experience ~ Welcome! I am glad you stopped by! A little bit about me... Since my early teens I've been involved with tarot cards and studying the metaphysical and paranormal world. I am considered a clairsentient and claircognizant, which means I have a deep sense of feeling and knowing. As an intuitive empath I can feel the exact emotions of any person, which makes me an excellent reader! Hence, when I read for you, I don't sugar coat - I relay exactly what I see and feel. When I was younger people told me that I have great positive energy, which I should share with others. Learning more about my own energy, my journey started out with Therapeutic Touch. This triggered an immense interest in studying the human energy field, which led me to open up a healing and teaching practice that includes Reiki and Quantum Healing. During the last 16 years I've developed very fine-tuned abilities to connect with people's energies, emotions and thoughts. I see everyone's true potential and share what I see with my clients. Find out why most people are stunned and tell me "Wow - it's like you truly know and see me!" During readings I meet you where you are at to bring clarity and insights, so you can finally move forward and enjoy life! Let me know how I can help you best!


I've been fortunate enough to assist people in their readings by sharing what I feel within their energy field. A lot of people do not recognize that their soul essence is right there for me to see and "read". I consider this to be a gift that is meant to be shared with all of you! Your potential, future possibilities, relationships and abundance are right here for you to grasp! I often consult with Spirit Guides too, in order to relay their wisdom to my clients. They share the bigger picture with us. Even though you may feel "stuck" in a certain situation, I can assure you that the way out is not as hard as it may seem! In relationship matters I draw on past life information that is being shown to me as well, which can help you bring clarity to any love and family relationship! Connect with me today in order your intuitive reading! It'll be my honour to assist and help you find insights! Please note: - Timeframes not guaranteed, as energy changes - Readings are for guidance only - Will not answer legal, medical, financial questions (please consult experts) - All services are offered for entertainment purposes only - No readings for minors.

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Best reading!
love love her!!!!
She is so helpful! love talking to her!
Thank you very detailed very quick reader
amazing as usual! does not sugar coat anything! really honest!
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