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Wendy Sue
Wendy Sue
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Wendy Sue


I am an Authentic and Experienced Intuitive Tarot Reader with 20 plus years’ experience. Very detailed, accurate and trusted messages delivered quickly in a nonjudgmental and safe environment. A psychic, a wise woman, a mystic, and a sage are all just labels for an attuned woman with source. Being one I know the importance of being a safe harbor when things are intense and you are experiencing a trauma and the fun of meeting a soulmate or getting a new job. Source uses attuned people to deliver messages for those in need very much like he does the animals, angels, and guides. They are there to counsel and protect. It is what I call being tuned in, tapped on, and ready to deliver. Spirit does not live in a box; your soul is calling to you and you are one click away from Clarity. My tools of choice are my Clair’s; (Clairsentience-Feeling), (Clairvoyant-Seeing), (Claircognizance-Knowing) Mediumship holds a sacred special place for me and I do NOT hold that space open for readings. However, if they are knocking loud enough for my gatekeeper to be dang grannies got some game, you will have the option of hearing what they are determined to tell you. Tarot is the love of my life and as well as my beloved pendulum for extra clarity or energy work. Tarot quickly taps me into that special land of wisdom which is important when working online and on chat. Spirit knows no bounds and I am a tool for source. I follow the natural law, hermetic principles, or universal law of the cosmos. I will not hold space for anyone that would cause me or you to have a Karmic debt. I will deliver what is divinely yours and how to navigate towards it manifesting but I will not infringe on someone else’s free will. Remember your words, emotions, and actions are the magic you hold and to stay on the white road one must not dominate another creature. The beauty is your thoughts, emotions, and actions are magic and by tweaking a thing or two in what you are saying and doing we can change your world! I am not only a reader but a teacher of the sacred arts and always evolving and unfolding who I am. Not all humans are called to be in service as a reader, healer, teacher but all do come with the standard equipment. It is like an unused app in your phone, just because you do not use it, it is awaiting you too. Being a professional wise woman takes dedication, discipline, sacrifice, stamina, and courage to embrace and hold space for your clients, spirit, and self while decode the messages they hold and being continuously ridiculed by the ignorant.


Forever the Teacher, the Student of all things Esoteric/Occult. Follow the white path to Freedom and Liberty of all creatures. Through my own journey of some 50 yrs on this earth I not only understand spirit and natural law/hermetic principles but have incorporated them into the very thread of who I am. My tools of choice and mastery are Tarot, Numerology,Kabbalah, Astro Theology. Being an advisor is a privilege and hold a Karmic Debt. What you see honestly is what you get with me. Being open, transparent, and groomed from beyond allows me daily to stand in gratitude and bridge the gap of the unknown for my clients. Experience is Knowing Maintenance is daily Meditation, Occult Teachings, Focused intentions and a love for my fellow man~ Accountability is my clients and their success, their referrals, feedback and joy~

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thank you
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positive and uplifting
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The BEST! Very honest!!
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