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Wendy Celestia


Need help with your love life or career? Do you have nagging general life questions weighing on your mind? I’m your guide! I’ll provide quick, accurate, honest readings whether you just need a brief answer, or want to dig deep to see an issue from all sides. I’ll give you concise & valuable information within your 3 free minutes. Staying with me beyond that gets you additional pertinent information along with the ANSWERS TO ALL OF YOUR FOLLOW-UP QUESTIONS. I can help you understand what lies beneath the surface of your situation! Feel free to chat with me but I’LL CONNECT WITH YOU BEST BY PHONE. Notice that my call and chat prices are the same amount. This allows me to offer you the information Spirit wants you to know in real time... without the delay of chat, it for the same price as chat. I get LARGE PSYCHIC DOWNLOADS upon connecting with clients, and I don’t want a second of our time to be delayed by the chat feature. Your time is too valuable for our communication to be delayed! Together with my guides and my powerful intuitive abilities, I consult my tarot cards to get to the heart of your love, career, and general life questions. I can look into the past, the present, and the future on any of these topics. My readings will provide you with satisfying answers and the security to know that you may ask any follow-up questions you like, safe in the knowledge that I’ll meet you more than halfway with my compassionate, non-judgmental manner. The questions that have been on your mind; the matters that have most consumed you lately - are the very ones I am eager to help you with. If you have any pressing issues at all, or anything you’ve always wondered about, I need to work with you today because your peace of mind is my top priority. Let me get to the bottom of your questions in detail and help you to discover where the next curve of your path leads. Contact me today to learn what magic awaits you!


I have been reading tarot cards for three years. Providing my querents with profoundly compelling and accurate readings is one of my greatest joys. I have read for a wide variety of people- from young professionals receiving their very first reading, to returning clients eager to know what’s happening next in their love lives, to established figures within the spiritual community. These querents have all been very pleased with my accurate and detailed readings – and they continue to return. I have been psychic since early childhood. I am an Empath whose gifts include clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience, visions, interactive visitations, and prophetic dreams. I have honed my spiritual talents to advance my intuition and have realized stellar results.

I continue to invest in my practice as a tarot reader by bolstering my knowledge of this craft through dedicated study, ongoing education from spiritual teachers, and I stay well in practice by regularly reading for many people who present me with their challenging issues and significant life questions. I can’t wait to work with you.

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