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Hi Im Wade, i have a few years of experience with Dream Analysis, I was a young boy when I had my first real dream interpretation experience, the experience led me to wanting to know more about my gift, this is when I learnt that I was part of generations who had the same gift, my mom inherited from my grandmother and great grandmother, these dream experiences became more and more frequent often leading to true and real events. My dreams have taught me passion and patience in the most difficult circumstances, often friends and family will ask me to help interpret and decipher the meaning of symbols and pictures and sometimes words or events that they dream about, I have a strong belief that our dreams only add pages to our book that is preordained for us, every dream will lead to a conscious or subconscious event significant to our lives and certain times or in certain aspects. That is why I am here to help you to determine the true path in which you should follow by helping you remember what your dreams are trying to convey to you. The journey of dreaming can be magical if deciphered in the correct manner and way.


Lovely to make this unique and exciting connection with you, the experience of dream interpretation comes from many years of researching my own dreams and understanding the symbolism behind each face, event, and symbol i have dreamt, i have learnt the art of remembering what I dream about so that I am able interpret and decipher it by doing this with my own dreams i am able to help others decipher and interpret their own, sometimes it is very difficult to remember what our subconscious sleep state tries to tell us, so when you connect with me i would like you to be as precise about what you felt, heard, touched and saw, this in turn will give me the opportunity to connect with you through your dream and offer you the true clarity that you need, sometimes there will be things you will not remember straight away but through our connection and piecing together what you tell me i will be able to give you the analysis of what your sleep state of mind was telling you, this experience can be very exciting and often they lead to realising true events that you have previously experienced or will experience, remember that this will be an enjoyable experience for you and myself, in order for it to be a true and honest connection as much information as possible will be needed. I look forward to hearing from each of you and hearing about what your subconscious has to offer you, there is a story to be told and a story to be heard from all of our dreams. I am here to offer you this opportunity to see what your future has to offer you.

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Thanks for your time
Wade... hope u can spare me mins
Great .. Always loved ur readings !!
strongly recommended 😍💯
I would like to know more
ran out of funds :-(
bad connection. he needs to think about what? thanks so much
Rashena Grant
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