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Voivode Varekai
Voivode Varekai
Psychic Reading
Voivode Varekai


Greetings. I provide answers for those who are seeking guidance, understanding, and help with unexplained and everyday questions. Whether you are seeking answers for your career, love life, family matters, or just those everyday concerns that arise in life I am here to help you. I am Voivode Varekai; I am Romani. I come from a long line of accomplished Gypsy Seers and am an Ordained Minister with a Doctorate in Metaphysics titled Mystical Philosopher. As an Ordained Minister, I have a closer connection to the Creator of all things and I want to share that connection with you.. With my Doctorate in Metaphysics, I seek out answers for others that are hidden behind the veil and that remain unseen to most. I can help you see beyond the veil. As a Mystical Philosopher, I understand and can bring together the forces of the supernatural world and channel those forces to help you as you seek answers in your life. The Creator of All Things bestowed upon me a Talent and a Gift. My Talent is my dedication and understanding of the spiritual world in all its forms. My Gift is to help you as you seek council, and peace. If you are intimidated, confused, or tormented I can help. My Spirit Guides speak to me through the Tarot, Crystal Gazing, Palmistry, Spirit Drawings, and Aura Readings. These and my belief in the guidance of a power greater than myself is what I use to guide you along the path of your life journey. Despite the miles between us I can see what is happening in your Physical and Spiritual World and we can walk along your path together. When you need a Psychic Advisor I am here to give you the advice you seek. What path will we walk together today?


My Grandmother recognized my gift when I was 10 years old. She nurtured the gift and helped me to develop that gift. I did my first professional reading at 12 years of age and I have been doing readings ever since. I started out using the power of the Tarot but over the years I have discovered that the Creator of All Things has granted me the ability to use Crystal Balls, Palmistry, Spirit Drawings, and Aura Readings to enhance the readings I give my clients. 

I have helped nurture in others their own unrecognized abilities leading numerous people onto a path of their own enlightenment. I also head a Paranormal Investigation Group and have been featured on "My Ghost Story Caught On Camera" and "Monsters and Myths in America". 

I help troubled souls find their peace and help those affected by disturbed spirits also find their peace. Being able to tap into those gifts I have been blessed with has allowed me to help countless people for over 50 years. I would be honored to help you too.

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