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To start, I am clairvoyant, precognitive and prophetic- I see visions around people; feeling the emotions around a situation. At times, I can pick up "direct-thoughts." Through my dedication of my spiritual practices as a metaphysical minister, I consider my readings based on truth in a nonjudgmental space for healing and receiving messages from my guides or spiritual ancestors. I consider my readings to center around direction and the future outcome. I can provide you with the tools that will help you to make decisions that will help assist you in your next steps. I am often referred to as a "seer into the mysteries of life" and the "Reader's Reader." Please be aware that free-will, not everything is "set-in-stone"- timelines can change; and if they do, there are variables to that which can be discussed. A reading is a two-way street, remain open- and the more I receive, the more information I can receive- deeper into your world, deeper in the thoughts- providing FULL SCOPE OF INSIGHT!


My career mainly started while I was teaching metaphysics and topics on new age spirituality for over twenty years at a nationwide metaphysical school and conducted classes on psychic development at local new age shops. With my training in psychology, and specializations in parapsychology and crisis intervention, I officially launched my role as an Intuitive Advisor and Medium (which is the one service I do not provide online). While I was not conducting classes, I would be reading locally for about twenty years as well after leaving the corporate world.  I later started using my psychic abilities in my professional hypnotherapy practice, blending over 15 healing modalities into an integrative, holistic session to provide balance of mind, body and soul; cleansing and clearing of all negativity, karmic records, and any kind of spiritual stronghold. Additionally, I provide energetic and emotional-spiritual healing that works and transcends many levels of existence and many layers of life's issues. As a professional intuitive, I provide consultations on all matters of life and the heart. I have consulted to many types of people from all backgrounds and with many types of issues. My collective experience provides sharpened psychic skills, precise outcomes, and an uplifted spirit.  Total, truthful and transforming insight.... call me to be rest-assured! Psychic advice you can count on!


very intuitive! please send minutes to continue
will he get into wrestling
he’s the best on this site and every site
I literally have no idea what that was. Reading was absurdly vague and generic. I asked the same question twice and received no answer. He asked forever to type long messages that make zero sense. Totally confused as to why he has so many great reviews. Wish I could get my money back bc he’s not even affordable.
wow he is amazing! I hope predictions come true! you are really great!!!
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