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I offer services raider tarot, tarot of the angels, astrology, expert in Sinastria that is an astrological technique in which we find the points in favor and against your partner or the potential partner to be in total growth, when you have knowledge about the positive things you can contribute more to the relationship, and with the negative ones you can know which could be your weak point and that will affect the moods of the relationship in exact moments, I also work feng shui and I contribute to spaces the energy necessary for customers to develop different purposes of their life. For example, if the client wants to raise his energy in the love part then we will go to work on his space of love in his home, if he needs to increase sales then what we would do is activate the business space and his habitat. I have extensive historical knowledge of the philosophies and religions, modernisms and how the reality is changing, today we serve this to be able to provide people with all the values that have been lost, to generate great value in the heart of each of them. Serving us to obtain better results in transcendental aspects of the existence of people, letting them to know their energy as in the aspect of internal self, their finances, travel, studies, family, their roots, lovers, children, health, teams of work, marriage, societies, death, foreigner, professional brightness, aid, benefactors, and spirituality, these are the issues that mark the existence of each human being and what we can achieve in their balance.


I have had many years of spiritual development, as an astrologer and tarot reader, I have knowledge in various spiritual topics, I work with all of them in the fulfillment of spiritual laws. Astral themes, as topics of spiritual reconciliation are one of my best abilities. In the astral plane are recorded all the actions that each person performs thus there is where we must go to undo all these knots and problems. These are the ones that cause in people all the confusions and all the states of despair and non-conformity in people. I am expert in issues of love and union of couples, in which relationships can be given as a couple and there are no more separations, we always avoid the end of love and strengthen each union, it can be understood by me, and I project the light to people making homes happier, with a more positive mentality every person will be living more peacefully his experience as a couple, as love, sexuality, and at work, contributing to society making the world better and his life full of stability.

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