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Viola Eli
Viola Eli
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Viola Eli


Hi, I'm psychic Viola Eli, 22 years old, dedicated my life to helping others and find it rewarding to know that I've made a positive effect in their lives. Are you unsure in your relationship? Is your partner being faithful? Wondering if your current partner is your soulmate,possibly an ex or someone you've let go of? Or even someone you may not have met yet? Will my career/finances improve? Having legal trouble?Or just feeling unlucky in life? Unsure of a certain change or decision to make? I'm here to answer. all of that and much much more your looking to have clearty on


Being a psychic reader is responsibility as well as a gift, I have the ability to see past present and future. I have been giving readings in my home and by phone to people all over the USA for over 15 years. Every reading I give will be very accurate and truthful. If you want to know who is your soulmate When and whom you will marry If your love is true or who your true friends are Are you: looking for a way to repair a relationship? Do you feel that you need a career change and don't know which way to go, If you feel something is misguiding you etc. These are all things that I can look into and much more. If you truly want to know the answers to these questions or have other questions that you want the answers to then I can help. If you take the advice I give you after your reading I guarantee it will change your life in a more positive way. There are no two readings alike they are all usually interesting this is because all of life is a miracle I am a Native American Indian spiritual reader born with this ability to see and feel energy this is not something you can learn out of a book every person's life and energy is different all of my qualifications come from the many I have read for and guided and helped over the past 15 years of physical and verbal communication




May 17, 2016
Wow so accurate she's truly amazing she so so sweet not trying to be mean over all but best and most true reading others all the customers that are on this app/site please contact viola such true nice info like everything that you don't expect in the best way possible no matter if it was good or bad it was just so halpfull god bless we be returning
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