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Vinny de Logun


I have been a Psychic reader for over than 30 years. I am also an educator in my country, and I use elements of Ancestry in my educational plans in order to connect students to their inner spirituality. I am able to offer you means to deal with different situations in life, either from the spiritual point of view or even the practical one from a skilled Coach. My idea is maintaining a positive work-life balance in health, love, work, travel, business, and relationships. I will help you to understand how you are composed energetically and how you act as a character in the huge theater of life...let´s be together, shall we?


I work, first of all, with Astrology. Western Astrology. With the date of birth, I can really tell a lot about a person and I will be able to say even more with the time and location of the birth. Because Astrology is an ancient art of soul interpretation that has crossed centuries it demands a lot of study and dedication.I have about five people a week at my office to do, with me, their Reading: Natal, Synastry, Progressions. Astrology, for them and for me, means a lot, a real guidance. However, I also use Tarot or Lenormand card, apart from Astrology and combined with.The Spirituality took me to the world of the Orishas, brought to Brazil in the colonial years by the enforced Africans. Together with the white pioneers and with native Brazilians, rituals for Orishas started. They, the orishas, are African gods from Nigeria, Benin and other regions. In Brazil, they became Afro-Brazilian religions, Candomblé, and Umbanda. Their divinatory tools are “Búzios”, cowries, shells that are thrown in a sieve and that tells our destiny. They teach herbs, stones, healing dances and many other techniques. I do Buzios because I am a babalaô or “Pai de Santo”. I have my own healing center in Brazil.This is what I have to offer to you: from the stars to the little shells everything is the language of the gods or God. From the small things, the Whole.That is the way I work.

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Jessica Lior
You weren't able to ans a single question that I asked. My funds wasted.
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